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6 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Going Through A Breakup

Breakups can be tough.

There is nothing like the end of a relationship to put your life into sharp focus.

Whether it’s revisiting your desires, reconnecting with old friends, or going on a new adventure, a breakup is often about starting a new chapter in your life.

Thankfully, as well as self-help books, wine-fuelled nights with friends, retail therapy, and online dating, there is a potentially more productive way to get over a breakup: subscribing to a podcast.

Podcasts are an easy and engaging way to bring new ideas and energy into your life, and even very busy people can surely find the time to plug into a podcast as they wait for the bus. Here are six of the best post-breakup podcasts you might want to give a listen to…

The Minimalists — declutter your life

This podcast co-hosted by male duo Joshua and Ryan has been making headlines for all the right reasons.

Routinely topping Apple’s podcast charts, hosts Joshua and Ryan have a really healthy attitude towards minimalism and life in general.

They cover a wide range of important topics on their podcast, from mindfulness and fitness to social media and spiritualism. Their simple episode list takes the pain out of choosing one to listen to next.

Why it works for breakups

  • Minimalism is all about connecting with what really matters, who you really are, and stripping things right back to the essentials. Perfect for somebody going through a big change.
  • Something like The Minimalism Game is a great challenge for anyone who has recently broken up, especially if you’re trying to get rid of stuff or you’re having to move.

Orion’s Stellar Life — find your power

For many women (and men), a breakup can be pretty traumatising.

You might be struggling to feel good about yourself or have difficult questions about your identity and intimacy in general. This is a great podcast for people who want to find their power again.

Orion’s Stellar Life podcast features guests across a wide range of topics and has some inspirational episodes on things like biohacking and self-love.

Why it works for breakups

  • Open your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead and find out how other people around the world are living up to their potential.
  • Learn from experts and get unique points of view on a wide range of topics in a warm and giving setting. A real eye-opener.
Happier with Gretchen Rubin — be happy again

Gretchen Rubin, an author of many books (including The Happiness Project), hosts an aptly-named podcast: Happier.

We could all use a bit of extra help to be happier after a break-up, but this podcast isn’t just about vague motivational quotes and platitudes. Happier is all about a genuinely well-executed and well-thought-out plan for a better quality of life.

Looking at a wide range of issues that stop people from being the best versions of themselves, Gretchen is chiefly focused on forming strong, positive habits that work for most people.

Why it works for breakups

  • A bit of happiness soul-searching is never a bad idea, especially during a breakup. This podcast has practical advice on how you can live a better life.
  • Gretchen’s Four Tendencies Quiz is quite eye-opening. It can help you find out more about yourself and why you might struggle to stick to things like exercise. It’s a great way to challenge yourself.

The Daily Meditation Podcast — start meditating

Always been curious about the benefits of meditation? Struggling to stay calm and control your emotions? Now might be the perfect time to try meditation.

Meditation can be a lifeline when your life starts getting tough. It’s proven to help people sleep, relax, and focus. During a breakup, focusing on simple things like your breath can really help you bring yourself back to the present moment.

The Daily Meditation podcast is a great way for anybody (beginners and pros alike) to bring meditation into their lives. Just pick an episode and get going. Even if it’s not something you plan to stick to every day, meditation is a tactic worth leaning on during times of stress.

Why it works for breakups

  • Meditation can really help you train your brain and get your thoughts into a more calm, accepting, and positive space.
  • Trying something new like meditation can help you feel better about yourself. It’s a good habit to pick up if you find yourself suddenly alone.
Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living Daily does the hard work for you. Their expert team read and curate the best content on topics like fitness, personal development, finance, and life satisfaction and wrap them up into engaging podcast episodes.

Featuring thoughts from some of the finest minds out there, Optimal Living Daily could be the start of a whole new chapter for you. Explore the extensive episode archives for a topic that will resonate with you right now.

Why it works for breakups

  • The episodes and topics are thought-provoking and fresh. You will find good advice on a wide range of problems and issues.
  • It’s easy and snackable information you can store up and use to design your life around your priorities.

Modern Love (NYT)

New York Times hosts a wonderful podcast called Modern Love — the podcast has featured some pretty impressive guests like Kate Winslet and Ginnifer Godwin.

All about the ups and downs of relationships and love, this podcast is a good one for anyone who wants to cast their eyes back a bit and understand what went wrong, and why.

Moving and creative, Modern Love episodes are short and succinct and look at relationships from all possible angles. One to soothe the heartbroken soul.

Why it works for breakups

  • Learning from your past experiences is an important part of any breakup. This podcast can help you forgive, forget, and reflect.
  • The podcast has an uplifting and positive feel to it that is perfect for anyone feeling a bit fragile post break up.

Podcasts certainly won’t have all the answers, but they can help you reflect and heal a little after a breakup.

Fill your mind with new thoughts and ideas and you will soon feel a whole lot better.

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