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A Northern Blond Ambition – Emma Mansell

Emma Mansell a Mother, Model, TV Extra and fierce force of nature that defies all expectations of a modern world. 

It’s a sunny day in Manchester City Centre  and I’m looking forward to meeting up with Emma Mansell, you may wonder why I write about Emma, but here’s my logic as a female entrepreneur, I understand how hard it is to work in the business world and even harder as we grow older, the competition is fierce and not to be underestimated.

She’s a Northern Girl with a strong character and doesn’t let anything get in her way of where she wants to be.

It’s funny as we sit down ready to have lunch in Manchester’s Living room on Deansgate I remember saying the last time we met, I think you’ll end up on Corrie, (Coronation Street) she laughed and said well you never know, but if I did it would be my dream ambition as I’ve loved watching the show all my life, it’s like part of my fabric.

Emmas career is going from strength to strength as she climbs the ladder of entertainment, making new connections and working on many different filming projects.

So what’s been happening since RHOC (Real Housewives of Cheshire) and the advert commercials?

Would you believe it, Caroline, as you said it would, it happened I got the phone call to go on Corrie as an extra, I was so excited, meeting the cast and yes I was star struck.
Meeting the actors and talking to them regularly is something I would never have thought possible a few years ago. I’m elated at the moment.

Emma Mansell - model - Image
Emma Mansell – model – Image: Tim Cullen

I’ve also done several scenes since I first got the call. The actors are really lovely and a joy to be around, in fact, the whole production team are professional and friendly and it’s still the world’s longest running soap which is now aired all over the world. So proud to be on Corrie as it’s my dream, this time next year…
I’m still going back and forth doing scenes on Hollyoaks and I’m background in a new up and coming futuristic drama, coming out next year, late 2019, which is still currently being filmed.
In recent months I’ve worked with some amazing photographers and even had my picture illustrated by the International Artist Stephen Lynn, Dionysus Art.
I couldn’t believe it when he said he wanted to draw one of my images. He’d already decided which one, I was so overwhelmed with emotion as I felt honoured, he made me feel like a superstar. This picture has pride of place in my home.
I posted the picture on social media and the response was epic.

What makes a photo shoot enjoyable?
Preparation beforehand is essential. i.e. outfits, make-up, hair, styling, Creative, theme of the shoot, Chemistry and trust in the photographer and their trust in you.

What would you say to young wannabe models who want to get into this industry?
Consider taking a chaperone especially if your unsure and especially if you’re under sixteen, it’s compulsory to have an adult with you.

Have you ever had any scary moments on any photo shoots?
Luckily I’ve always had fun and enjoyed working with the variety of photographers that are available, it’s a tough industry so it’s good to get to know the photographers you would want to work with.

Make sure they have a good history, which is easy to find out these days with social media at your fingertips and ask to speak to other models and ask to see their portfolios is what you’re looking for.

Emma Mansell - model - fashion Image
Emma Mansell – model – Image: Lucy Cartwright

What is your ambition?
To go as far as I can, for as long as I can. Would I go under the knife, No way, the only thing that’s fake about me is my nails and, though I’m blond naturally I do highlight it, as I like the Swedish look. I know I have flaws, everyone does, no ones perfect and life is too short to get hung up on little things. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Off to Corrie now, catch ya later.
Thanks, Emma – good luck and see you soon. xxx
Author – Caroline Dowse

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