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After the wedding, it’s time to invest in your relationship and to show that you care.

After the Wedding Invest in Your Relationship and Show That You Care 

After we meet our perfect dating match, fall in love and decide to get married all our focus may then turn completely to ‘the big day’. Many couples spend months being consumed by guest lists, seating plans and the general paraphernalia that accompanies wedding planning. 

But a wedding is not only about the big day. Yes, it’s lovely to take a day to publicly celebrate your relationship and surround yourselves with family and friends, the special people in your lives, to write meaningful vows that are a testament to how you feel, but it’s also important to appreciate that the real marriage starts after the cake has been cut and the guests have gone home.

After the wedding, it’s time to invest in your relationship and continue to show that you care.     

After the wedding, it’s natural to become more settled and comfortable with our partner. Our relationship is now more committed and secure, and so we may perhaps forget to make as much of an effort as we once did. As time passes some couples admit to becoming more like friends and housemates rather than lovers, as day to day life gradually intrudes.

But starting from day one, by perhaps setting some ground rules, you can commit to making a regular effort, investing in your relationship, so ensuring that you keep your relationship alive. The best way to maintain that special intimacy is to show how much you care, even on the tough days.

Here are a few ways to invest in your relationship and gain some positive results. 

– Invest time in your love.

Demonstrating that you want to spend time doings things together is important. When we love someone there’s no other place we would rather be than in their company. Continuing to show that you feel this way is important in helping your partner feel loved and special. Sometimes saying ‘no’ to working late or being keen to make plans for the weekend to do things together lets your partner know that you enjoy being with them. You’re treating your relationship as a priority.

– Invest attention.

By committing your full attention when you’re together proves that your partner is important to you. Over time couples often complain that their partner is always on their phone or refuses to turn away from the TV. By having proper conversations and giving them your full attention makes the other person feel special and important. Show them you care by being interested in their day, following-up on previous conversations, are keen to share in each other’s lives.

– Invest in gestures.

Gently touching your partner as you walk past is second-nature when there’s chemistry between two people. They’ll automatically link arms, hold hands, comfortably rest a hand on the other’s leg, often without thinking. This reveals a level of intimacy and an easy, relaxed manner between them both. When there’s tension the physical space between two people often increases as their love gradually fades. A comfortable physical presence demonstrates a relaxed easiness together.

– Invest in thoughtfulness

By undertaking little actions that show you care. Post-wedding it’s especially important to remember those little gestures that mean such a lot. Picking up a flyer for a talk that would be of interest or remembering to share something that would make them laugh. If children are in your life, putting them to bed, making the evening meal, running them a bath, ironing a shirt for an important meeting the next day are all actions that show you care, love them and are thinking of ways to make their life easier.

– Invest in romance

By sending an occasional text that says, ‘I love you‘ or, ‘thinking of you‘. There’s nothing wanted in return. Take them out for coffee or to lunch when the children are in school, go for an evening walk whilst your meal’s cooking, plan a date night and dress smartly for it. Romantic gestures don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. It’s often the little things that keep love alive, the little reminders that they’re in your thoughts.

– Invest pride in your love.

Show them you’re proud to introduce them to your friends, family, work colleagues. There may be times when specific interests are not shared, but letting your partner meet the important people in your life makes a difference to their confidence levels as well as reinforcing their sense of security with you and the relationship.

By nurturing and investing in your marriage you take care of the most special friend, ally, supporter and lover in your life. By showing that you care in these different ways you ensure that your partner continues to feel an important part of your life. You reinforce the bond between you and keep your love alive.

Relationships can so easily be taken for granted. It is often those closest to us whom we forget to value and respect. Invest now, show that you care and build a strong team together. 

Susan Leigh, South Manchester Counsellor & Hypnotherapist lifestyletherapy.net 

Photo Credit – @mirandanene

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