Britain’s Got Talent winner, Susan Boyle returns to the stages of the UK with her dazzling new show, part of The TEN Tour celebrating an incredible decade in the music industry.


Susan one of the UK’s national treasures speaks exclusively to Revive Magazine, Susan tells us about her journey into the limelight, her upcoming shows, and her dream of bagging a cameo on Coronation Street.

With her angelic voice, the Scottish singer had viewers in tears when she first performed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, singing ‘I dreamed a dream’ from the hit musical, Les Miserables. Revealing the woman behind the voice, Susan Boyle tells us all about her life before the show, and how she’s handled being in the spotlight for the last ten years.

Susan told us: “I come from a musical family. My mum was a singer, my dad was a singer, and even my nine siblings were passionate about music, so I had a great support network.”

With a supportive family and the confidence to step up a gear, Susan began going for auditions in the hope to make her way into the limelight.


Portraite Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle

“After building up the confidence, I began going to auditions – and I was knocked back countless times. Rather than let it knock me down, I just stopped listening to the no’s and kept going back. I was a bit like a bad smell – I just wouldn’t go away.”

“I spent a lot of my younger years performing in working men’s clubs, which is where I learnt the most. It was like my training ground, and I learnt a lot about people and performing.”
While singing at the local club, Susan also studied Musical Theatre at a performing arts school. She started to push for TV appearances, including an appearance Michael Barrymore’s ‘My Kind of People.’
In 2009, Susan’s sheer determination paid off, when she was propelled into stardom as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent.
And, while some may have found the experience overwhelming, Susan never let the fame get to her head.

“It was completely unexpected, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was just surprising that the judges actually said ‘yes’ to me. When they first saw me, they must have thought ‘oh god, who’s this?”

Showing her playful side, she added: “Piers Morgan eat your heart out.”

Alongside her success, we also wanted to find out more about Susan’s personal life, and how she likes to wind down after a hard day’s work.

Just like the rest of us, it seems the singer enjoys her home comforts. Susan said: “I just love a night in watching TV. I don’t do Netflix, and I love Coronation Street. That’s definitely my favourite TV show.”

And, when it comes to characters, it seems David Platt and Tracey Barlow are firm favourites. “They’re the best on the show, they play good characters”, she laughed.

Susan then went on to reveal how she’d even like to star in the show herself: “I’d love a cameo in Corrie – I’ve been a fan for years!”

We can definitely see her pulling a pint in the Rovers!

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