Jayne Deach is the epitome of a real Yorkshire-woman. With ego kept firmly in its place, and a true artist.

Born in Rotherham, she adored drawing and painting as a child, which made schooldays a delight. Occasionally though, she would allow her enthusiasm to get the better of her:

I remember as a child my Nan being angry because I painted flowers all up the wall on the staircase just after my granddad had decorated. I just wanted it to look pretty!”

However, the art took a back seat when, at age 18, she relocated to Spain. Raising a family left no time for brushes and canvases. Such a pity, when any English artist would give their right arm to paint and sketch in that wondrous light.

Returning to the greyer climes of the UK, just 5 years ago, Jayne felt the call again and picked up where she left off. Her family and friends completely supported her, which encouraged her to join a local art class in her new home town of Cheadle Hulme, led by Judith Donaghy.


There, she was introduced to oils, and the palette knife, which quickly became her medium and tools of choice. Ms Donaghy gave Jayne encouragement and confidence to try new things, and before long the canvases were springing to life.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Jayne seeks the spiritual in the landscape. In the footsteps of Ruskin, Turner, and Sutherland, the land lives and breathes on her canvases, and warms the hearts of all who view them.

Returning to her first love, she feels inspired. If just one person buys a picture and derives enjoyment, fascination, and delight from it, then Jayne is satisfied:

The most memorable response that I can remember was the first time a stranger bought a piece of my art because until then I thought it was just my friends and family buying from me, to support me.

I have entered a few competitions and done well, and also it feels great to be chosen to be part of an exhibition.

But, my highlights are when someone actually loves something that I have created, enough to part with their hard-earned cash to hang it in their home. This is the best feeling for me and I still pinch myself when it happens.”

Social media has allowed Jayne a way to express herself, and her art. A way to showcase her imagination, and for friends and family to give more encouragement (and, sometimes, welcome criticism).

Describing her work as “impressionistic, graceful, and textured”, Jayne likes to work with a minimal colour palette.

Often, there is no image already formed in her mind; rather, she allows her emotions to influence the painting as she works. What began as a dark, sombre piece, can often gradually transform into a bright, life-enhancing image, and surprise the artist when she finally takes that step back.

Landscapes can have just as much personality as people. 

Jayne’s basic materials are oils, palette knife and canvas, but she does like to be a little adventurous, now and again:

I once tried ‘Polyfilla’ to create coral on a personal painting, and it’s not fallen off yet! I also like to use slate roof tiles or recycled wood sometimes.”

Unlike some artists, Jayne is very grounded:

My role in society as an artist is to make people happy, and hopefully, they will find a connection or a memory in one of my paintings. I don’t find it lonely being an artist, as I’m a loner anyway. But, I have made new friends through art groups; and attending exhibitions is fun.”

And, does she have any higher artistic ambitions? Dream projects?

If I had a superpower, maybe I could paint a small painting without the mess, then I could transport it anywhere in the world, and change it to any size. I’m already doing my dream project in each painting I work on.”

Obviously very happy in her work, Jayne doesn’t feel the need to compare herself with other artists, and has one simple tip to offer:

The best advice I have been given is to paint for myself, to make me feel happy. And hopefully, someone, somewhere, someday will like it!”

To see more of Jayne’s work, buy a piece, or arrange a commission, check out her Facebook page; Jayne D Art.

There’s also Instagram: Jayne Deach (@jaynedeach) 


By Brian Gorman

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