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The 10 Best Home Cooking Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now!

Did you know that besides social contacts, Twitter helps you connect more strongly with your family and guests?

I know you might be asking, “How?” Yes, it does it by hosting some of the world’s best food bloggers through Twitter accounts.

Here is our carefully selected list of the best home cooking Twitter accounts to follow today. Keep reading to add happiness to your dining table.


Eating Better, Eating Together | Avita Health System

A happy family enjoying healthy food together.

1. Cute Food for Kids @cutefoodforkids

Our list of the best home cooking Twitter accounts starts with kids because they always come first on mummy’s list. A stay-at-home mum who loves spending time in her kitchen runs this account. She helps you make the most child-friendly healthy foods that stir up the fun in your little angels. Do you want to become a genius in making smiley faces on your kids’ sandwiches or forests out of broccoli?  Then follow this foodie mummy to learn more.

2. Super Healthy Kids @healthykids

Super Healthy Kids is another kid-focused account every mom should follow. It’s a favourite hub if you want to ignite your little one’s passion for healthy eating. This account offers excellent tips and hacks to make kids of all ages eat healthily.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement saying that a growing body of scientific evidence shows that children are being harmed by chemicals in food.

Kids enjoying the best food.

3.   Bon Appetit @bonappetit

Do you love the Bon Appetit Magazine? If you do, go ahead and follows its Twitter handle. It will awaken your sleeping cooking charm and wits. The account is also educational and oozes with mouth-watering food photos.

4.   Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free @Amys_SSGF

Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is another great pick for mums who want to enjoy healthy and tempting cooking. It offers one cooking recipe per post to sharpen your cooking instinct. The account is for those who want to eliminate gluten and sugar-ridden foods from their menus. You will also enjoy actionable cooking tips and tools to perfect your cookery.

5.   Nat Geo Food @NatGeoFood

Yes, this account is another favourite to follow. It perfectly blends history and science by pairing them with your favourite dishes, making it one of the best home cooking Twitter accounts to follow. Therefore, it’s one of the best home cooking Twitter accounts to follow.

6.   Tiffany Bendayan @LivingSMoments

Tiffany Bendayan is another food blogger to follow. The Culinary Arts degree holder merges personable posts and clean design to help you sharpen your cooking. Talk of passion and knowledge at work!

7.   New York Times Food @NYTFood

Every New York Times lover will definitely fall in love with this Twitter account. It posts qualitative food articles and tantalizing food recipes.

8.   Mummy in a TuTu @mummyinatutu

Kate founded this Twitter account. The UK-based mum and food enthusiast shares parenting food content on her blog. Her parenting-specific recipes share various top-five (or any other number) lists that help parents improve their cooking skills.

9.   Toni Dash @BoulderLocavore

This account’s founder, Toni Dash, started her food blog after a successful food experiment. Her experiment involved a winter of locally sourcing her protein and producing it. She shares seasonal diets and recipes that also feature in popular publications.

10. Twitter Food @TwitterFood

We end our list on Twitter because Twitter also loves food. Its food account compiles and retweets the best food accounts on its platform. Thus, you can always have an easy time checking the best food account to follow on Twitter.

Wrapping Up Our 10 Best Home Cooking Twitter Accounts

We hope our list has enlightened you to know who to follow. Go ahead to follow your favourite food blogger. Let us know your favourite. find us @TheReviveMag

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