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Bless This Acid House


With the huge rise in interpersonal visual culture online, the sharing of home decor visions is more common than ever before. Having a virtual nosey through the window has gotten a whole lot easier, and as a result, we are becoming obsessed with interior fashion and renovation journeys.

Welcome to Bless This Acid House, the quirky northern home of freelance musician Stuart Eminson and Rollo the rescue dog. Our fashion team at VauHaus Agency took inspiration from the eclectic mix of colour and eras and went to investigate over a G&T…

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@bless_this_acid_house @adventureswithrollo. Photography and Styling @toriabrightside
Models @martinasatoria and @leonajadedavis from @vauhausagency
Hair and Makeup @kelly.gmua. 

When did you first notice you had an interest in interiors?

I always had an interest in fashion, and I guess it just transferred into interiors as I got older. When I lived in London, instead of moving from one rental property to another I stayed in one place for around 10 years and so had the opportunity to paint to my heart’s content. My hallway ended up being letterbox red with clashing pink ceiling lights, and my whole kitchen was a strong bright pink with matching pink toaster, kettle and juicer! I even had a pink party!

When did you begin collecting?

I would say about 25 years ago. I still have some art I adore from back then on display. I moved to a huge converted vicarage which was unfurnished. Because of the space, I could really dig into collecting some fantastic vintage pieces, including a Terence Conran board room chair, a 70’s Belarti coffee table and a 1980s mirrored and baby blue Formica desk. I remember two huge purchases for me were a big cowhide and a buffalo leather beanbag which would easily seat two. I still have them in my current place all these years later!

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@bless_this_acid_house @adventureswithrollo. Photography and Styling @toriabrightside
Models @martinasatoria and @leonajadedavis from @vauhausagency
Hair and Makeup @kelly.gmua. 

Talk us through the beginnings of ‘Bless This Acid House.’ The space, its name and your gorgeous Instagram.

So it’s only quite recently that I named my Instagram account Bless This Acid House. I’ve had the Instagram account for 4 years since I moved to Manchester, but it’s only really this last year or so I’ve spent more time on it. I was thinking of a name suitable for my content but didn’t want to confine myself to vintage or retro. I have some neon typography artwork in my hallway saying Bless This Acid House (by House of Neon) and it was obvious to me that would be my insta-name. My account documents my obsessions with interior and styling, primarily my own, but with a few inspiring squares from other like-minded accounts. I started it with the idea of a possible future move of career, to build up contacts and knowledge but also for pure fun and out of passion. I love my work as a musician, but it’s a precarious profession and keeps me on the road a lot. There may be a time in my life where I need to change direction – who knows!

Your collection seems to span a multitude of decades and eras. What interests you about each of these eras? How do you bring it all together?

The ’60s and ’70s are where a lot of my more treasured pieces are from, with a little bit of ’50s thrown in. There are some truly amazing designs from that era and with real quality and the more I looked, the more I discovered. A lot of what I’ve got, especially lamps and rugs are from Germany. They are pieces that will stay with me forever, I imagine. I can honestly say I love everything I’ve purchased. It’s also that sense of history and nostalgia you get from vintage stuff. There’s more character. My eye is drawn to anything that’s a bit quirky and unusual; colourful and textural. I definitely mix it up with contemporary things and then warm it up with lots of plants. I enjoy juxtaposing old with new. It’s cute.

Bless this Acid House for Revive Magazine
@bless_this_acid_house @adventureswithrollo. Photography and Styling @toriabrightside
Models @martinasatoria and @leonajadedavis from @vauhausagency
Hair and Makeup @kelly.gmua. 

Do you think there has been a rising interest in interior fashion with the evolution of social media?

People have always enjoyed having a nose through the window on their walkout, so social media just makes it easier! I must admit, I felt weird and anxious showing my home online, but I couldn’t believe the huge community doing exactly the same. Through Instagram especially, there’s real support in this community. There’s lots of inspiration and just really nice like-minded people. I think there probably is a rise, everything is so much more accessible these days.

What are some of the most common questions you get asked in response to your home, especially from strangers?

I get asked where I found that lamp from, or that artwork, or that rug. I must admit, I used to be reluctant to say as I didn’t want people owning the same! But these days I’m fine about it, I guess it’s a compliment.

Do you make connections with other styled homeowners and collectors? Do you share information?

Yes! I’ve had loads of communication from others, mainly via Instagram. I’ve asked some real home-grown experts on the more practical aspects like painting and DIY. It’s always felt quite easy and natural for me to style things. My brain doesn’t process some of the more functional aspects as easily, so tips from others have been a blessing. I’ve won a few Instagram interior competitions and made connections that way, and also been featured on other insta-accounts in the UK as well as overseas. I’ve even met a few Insta-interior people and invited them to press nights of shows I play in!

Where are your favourite places to shop and source pieces for your home?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place. Most of the ‘big’ pieces I’ve found online. I literally punch in google a description of what I’m looking for, go to images and start scrolling, and then one thing takes me to another, and to another. If I want something in particular which I know is pricey on eBay, I try and search in a way where I discover a piece from a seller who isn’t really aware of what they are selling. But there really is nothing like going to shops and emporiums and seeing things in the flesh. It’s so exciting, and when I see something in the distance I think I’ll like, I suddenly turn into Linford Christie. Move out the way folks!

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@bless_this_acid_house @adventureswithrollo  Photography and Styling @toriabrightside
Models @martinasatoria and @leonajadedavis from @vauhausagency
Hair and Makeup @kelly.gmua. 

What are your thoughts on the VauHaus fashion editorial that was inspired by your home? Were the styling and the images something that fit well with your visual interests?

It was great fun. Amazingly warm and sociable people who immediately put me at ease. Loved watching how it all worked and helping (getting in the way!). The images are amazing, and juxtaposing fashion with the interior is on point and hot. I want them to come back for sure, and if they need an assistant I’d be more than happy. What with the current situation, unemployment wasn’t really on my agenda!

With thanks to @bless_this_acid_house and @adventureswithrollo

Photography and Styling @toriabrightside

Models @martinasatoria and @leonajadedavis

Model Agency @vauhausagency

Hair and Makeup @kelly.gmua

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