Healthcheck services aim to help the British public, with their new Corevue App.

The Corevue 360 kiosk by Healthcheck Services, offers the very latest technology in intelligent body composition measurement.

It provides the perfect solution for public and private fitness, health and leisure operators as well as elite sports teams and universities.

It uses Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, a safe and accurate way of providing insight into your customer’s health and fitness.

Among other things, it shows their body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, hydration level and metabolic age.

This allows it to deliver a full-body composition analysis in approximately 15 seconds.

The new app along with the Corevue kiosks have grown in popularity throughout the last two years, as the very real threat of Covid-19 has motivated the nation to take a long hard look at their health and fitness levels.


With the Corevue 360, you can find out exactly what you are made of, set your goals and use the new and improved Corevue App (which is free to use to help you achieve your optimal fitness level and improve your health and wellbeing).

The innovative app’s dashboard shows both metrics and graphs helping you to visibly monitor your health, updating the app with your results each time you use a Corevue kiosk. The app also offers the opportunity to set individual targets, making it easier to set goals and therefore achieve them.

It’s no wonder the health-focused Corevue kiosk and its new app, is becoming a popular choice for many celebrities such as Faye Brookes, who used Corevue throughout her training for ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Actress Daisy Wood-Davis was also spotted trying out the Corevue Kiosk in Manchester’s House of Evelyn. Also, the high profile Barry’s boot camp personal trainer Joe Davis has documented on his social media, how Corevue has shown that his muscle mass has depleted during the lockdown and the gyms being closed, using the kiosk to monitor his new fitness goals.

We asked Healthcheck Services Director Eric Peake and Kevin Wood, why choose Corevue?

“We take pride in being at the forefront of innovation and are constantly investing in research and development to ensure our customers are provided with the latest in weighing and body composition technology,”

“This, in turn, will naturally lead to a healthier nation, more aware and more engaged in their health.

”Healthcheck Services supply and install leading health kiosks throughout the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland and have been operating for over 25 years – “we aim to provide an effective and efficient health solution. Whilst we believe we have eye-catching and robust health kiosks, we very much view the kiosk as just part of the package, where the additional/wraparound services are critical to any meaningful long-term changes to health and lifestyle improvements.”

Track your health & wellbeing at over 4,500 locations using one of our many types of Health Kiosks: visit and Download the Corevue app in the App Store.