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#ChooseToRefuse and go Naked this Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is a key initiative to help bring about a world free from plastic waste.

A campaign led by the Plastic Free Foundation.

An IPOS survey revealed that Plastic Free July participants contribute to a total saving of 490 million kg of plastic waste each year!

Lush has always championed a minimal packaging approach, and currently, Naked products make up almost 50% of their core range.

If you’re looking to #ChooseToRefuse and join the movement, this #PlasticFreeJuly Lush has a top-to-toe range of Naked products as well as a new and exciting digital solution to help you on your way.

The #LushLabs app

An innovation developed by Lush’s in-house team of Tech Warriors, the Lush Lens feature on the Lush Labs app replaces the need for packaging with a digital solution, reducing the impact on the environment.

Using the phone’s camera and machine learning to recognise products through the user’s smartphone camera, the feature gives customers detailed ingredient information and ‘how to use’ digital demos with just the touch of a button.

Lush have been inventing naked products for over 30 years and Lush Lens is the next step in the journey to remove single-use plastics.

Lush Lens was first launched in our Milan shop in June 2018 and as with the rest of our naked product range, it is being improved and perfected with each new version that we release.

Lush’s entire naked range is detectable by the Lens feature.

Top-to-toe Naked products to make your Plastic Free July easy as can be…

New shampoo bar – £8.00 / each

New shampoo bar #becrueltyfree
New shampoo bar #becrueltyfree

A solid bar with cinnamon, clove and peppermint to stimulate your scalp. Cinnamon leaf and clove bud essential oils combine with peppermint to boost blood flow, stimulating the hair follicles. An infusion of nettle and peppermint helps to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair. Rosemary soothes, calms your scalp and adds a glorious shine to your hair.

Jungle solid conditioner – £7.00 / each

Jungle solid conditioner
Jungle solid conditioner
A solid conditioner packed with tropical fruit, oils and cocoa butter to calm your mane. Made from a cocoa butter base, this is full of fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruits to add shine and hydrate hair. It’s also naked and self-preserving.

Outback Mate – Soap – £5.50 / 120g


Get clean down under with tingly, cleansing peppermint and eucalyptus oils to get the blood pumping and clear away the early morning (or late night) mist. Lemongrass rouses you, putting a smile on your face and setting you up for a really g’day. The perfect soap for washing away the blues.

Jade Roller naked facial oil – £5.00 / each

Jade Roller naked facial oil
Jade Roller naked facial oil

This naked cleansing balm works hard so you don’t have to. Cleanse, tone and massage in one with this skin-clarifying multitasker, embedded with mung beans on one side so you can make circulation-boosting massage part of your daily routine. A base of absorbent marula oil, a traditional South African cleanser renowned for its elasticity-boosting effects on the skin, combines with astringent hazelnut oil and stimulating peppermint to leave your skin feeling soft and tingly fresh. 

7 to 3 cleansing wipe – £2.00 / each 

7 to 3 cleansing wipe
7 to 3 cleansing wipe

The convenience of a face wipe meets the luxury of 9 To 5 cream cleanser, with none of the waste. This reusable, biodegradable cleanser and makeup remover feel gentle on the skin, thanks to the carrageenan and finely ground cannellini bean base with clarifying fresh dove orchid infusion and ylang-ylang to balance. Simply splash your face with water, wet one side of the pad, and glide over your face to activate a light cleansing cream that can be gently worked into the skin and rinsed away. Remove light eye makeup too by sweeping the wet cleansing wipe over your eyelids to gently rub away mascara and rinsing clean.

Light Touch naked facial oil – £10.00 / each

Light Touch naked facial oil
Light Touch naked facial oil
This solid bar is just the thing for promoting a clear, balanced complexion. It cleverly incorporates a toner with the benefits of clarifying witch hazel and refreshing, mineral-rich Irish moss infusion and blue spirulina: microalgae rich in antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental damage.

Los Angeles – Lipstick Refill – £8.50 / each

Los Angeles - Lipstick Refill
Los Angeles – Lipstick Refill
Vivid cherry tones give this lipstick its glamorous scarlet shade. A softening, comfortable colour, this satin, cruelty-free vegan lipstick provides a dose of quenching hydration thanks to its candelilla wax and jojoba oil base.

Little Pot of Energy – Naked Body Lotion – £12.00 / each

Little Pot of Energy - Naked Body Lotion
Little Pot of Energy – Naked Body Lotion
Deliver a dose of vitalising citrus straight to the skin. It’s a bolt of lightning to the brain: a sweep of orange puree that’s electric sharp to sniff but smooth as butter on your body thanks to a base of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter.
Supercharge your skin with a sweep of brightening orange and grapefruit pulp and reboot your mind with a perfume flavour so fresh you can nearly taste it. Motivation’s never been this mouthwatering.

This soapy pumice bar will break down that tough second skin. With brightening sweet orange oil to refresh and rejuvenate from heels to toes. Soap and scrub in one simple motion. We pumice you’ll notice the difference.

Sharing is Caring!
Don’t forget to share your eco-living, zero waste tips with the #LushCommunity by using:#ChooseToRefuse and #PlasticFreeJuly
#ChooseToRefuse and go Naked this Plastic Free July!

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