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Helping you Create a Feng Shui Lifestyle by Sarah Stone

Creating a Feng Shui Lifestyle by Sarah Stone.

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it is important to ensure that wellbeing (mind, body, and soul) must be at the top of all our agendas, and that really, there’s nothing more important – without it, everything else fails. 

After eighteen months working from home, in full or part, it’s highly likely that each of your teammates, colleagues and workers – and yourself – feels this, and indeed, a 2020 survey from GSK concluded the same.

65 percent of the 4400 surveyed participants from across Europe, stated that they are now more likely to consider their health and wellbeing in their day-to-day decision making than they were pre-pandemic.
As we all know, either from first-hand experience or anecdotally, this translates into a hesitancy when it comes to returning to the workplace – even for those who can work in a hybrid pattern. 

So, with great hygiene policies in place, what else can be done to make the employees feel confident and happy enough to return to the office?  

Well, let us introduce you to the rather marvellous Sarah Stone, a British Holistic Strategist, a global bestselling author and the founder of the life-changing Creative Feng Shui method. 

Based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, Creative Feng Shui is built on the foundations of living an intentional, conscious life. When applied to a business or workplace situation, it can bring calm, success, confidence, and a whole other host of benefits that will help cultivate a happy, productive, and focussed workplace. 

Having worked with all sorts of large corporate businesses, such as energy companies, financial consultants and interior design companies, Sarah has seen just how well the benefits of Creative Feng Shui can enhance any workplace – be that within a large office environment or within your own home workspace. 

“In its original form, the practice was just used by people to place objects in the home,” said Sarah. 

“But,” she continued, “Creative Feng Shui allows us to apply those principles to all elements of life; what we wear, how we arrange things on our computer desktop, how we arrange our offices – there’s so much more to it – and it’s simpler to use and apply than the traditional practice.

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Sarah Stone www.sarahstone.com

So, where to start? Well, whether you’re setting up an office workspace for yourself and others or looking to enhance your home office the principles are largely the same. 

Sarah takes three principles as her initial approach – clear, cleanse and balance. Each of these plays an important part in refreshing and revitalising any workspace, and all are incredibly important when it comes to creating a cohesive space for ‘the new normal’. 

So, if you’re ready to start taking steps towards an office with better chi that will encourage a happy, productive working day, here are some starting points: 

Clear the clutter

The energy where you spend the most time has the most impact on your overall energy, so by clearing the clutter in your workspace you can change the stagnant energy from negative to positive. This positive energy then results in positive interactions, positive experiences, and optimal productivity. 

Think about colour

The colour you use in your workspace will change the mood and energy of the environment. Here are some colour ideas to think about. 

Orange is associated with the centre of health and is believed to strengthen concentration, sharpen creative skills, and give a sense of purpose and organisation. Perhaps an excellent choice for a meeting space or creative area? 

Green is the colour of hope, rebirth, growth, and health – don’t be afraid to use several of its tones for full effect – it’s great for a break area or entrance space. 

Violet or purple are associated with wealth and prosperity. These colours inspire and invite abundance and fortune – they are also the colours for physical and mental healing.

Yellow is the colour that represents warmth, friendliness, and happiness. The perfect office colour thanks to its uplifting and welcoming vibe, use as much yellow as you can for optimal effect. 

Add some water

Features such as water fountains and fish tanks stimulate the flow of energy around the workplace, so why not consider adding one? It is important to choose a feature that has a soothing and tranquil sound of moving water – don’t go for anything distracting or potentially irritating.  If actual water isn’t viable, think about showing videos of water on screens around the office or stream the sound of water through the day. 

“If you create flow, everything will balance nicely,” Sarah adds. 

Introduce some life

Ok, we know you can’t have puppies and kittens everywhere in the office, but plants, fresh flowers and animals do add active chi to any space. Why not fill your workplace with lush, greenhouse plants and add some fresh flowers each week – it will add new energy to the space. (Also, see above – perhaps go for a fish tank – but keep it clean!)

Add some art

Art of any kind, whether it is a painting, sculpture or textiles can enhance and activate positive energy. What you hang should reflect positive images and feelings – perhaps images of water or plants – flow and life. 

Is there space to breathe?

Ensure that there’s somewhere in the workplace where people can go to breathe and revive. Make the space is clear of clutter so that it can be best used for revitalisation. 

Open the windows, if possible, allow the breeze to blow through, move any stagnant air and blow out any cobwebs, even if it is just for 10 mins each day. 

We have merely scratched the surface here. To find out more about Creative Feng Shui and how you can apply the principles to your business and workspace, Sarah’s book Live What You Love must be your first stop. Described as the ‘definitive guide to intentionally improving your life, home, business, and finances’, it outlines the principles of the practice clearly, allowing you to adopt the lifestyle to your benefit. 

Sarah also offers personal consultations to businesses, helping you to adopt the Creative Feng Shui lifestyle across all elements of your world to help activate success, attract powerful career relationships, achieve more wisdom, and power and amplify health and wellness.  

Live What You Love

To book a consultation and to order the book, visit sarahstone.com

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