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Does Black Garlic Have Any Science-Backed Health Benefits?

Here are our Top-Four Science-backed Black Garlic’s Health Benefits 

Does black garlic have any scientifically proven health benefits? Please read our post to discover its four leading health benefits.

It is said your health is your number one wealth. Therefore, you can’t enjoy any other form of wealth without it. Thus, pay attention to your diet because you are what you eat. Fortunately, including black garlic in your diet is one way you could enhance your health.

But before proceeding, what is black garlic? It’s a garlic product made by treating fresh garlic for 4 to 40 days at high temperatures of 40 to 60°C and high humidity. It transitions from white to black through a Maillard reaction that forms different compounds. Here are invaluable health benefits of including aged garlic in your regular diet.8591

Aged Garlic is a Powerful Antioxidant

Studies prove that black garlic contains higher levels of antioxidants and biological activity than regular white garlic. Its antioxidant power frees your body from harmful free radicals. Thus, it reduces inflammation, could prevent cancer development and diabetes. 

Black Garlic Balances Blood Sugar

Also, research reveals that eating black garlic balances blood sugar levels. Consequently, it may benefit people with diabetes by preventing diabetes complications. 

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Aged Black Garlic is Excellent for Your Brain Health

Eating black garlic boosts your mental health. Its higher nutrient contents help in developing the brain. Also, its anti-inflammation and antioxidant capabilities could prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by healing damaged brain cells.


Black Garlic has Anticancer Effects.

Black garlic could help your health by preventing the chances of getting leukaemia and gastric cancer. It helps fights cancer by stopping SGC-7901 cancer cell cycles and inhibiting tumour growth and invasion. For instance, according to a 2014 in-vitro study which revealed that aged garlic extract may effectively kill and reduce colon cancer cells’ growth.

Black Garlic Boosts Heart Health

Lastly, aged garlic benefits your health by boosting your heart health. It effectively facilitates heart health recovery from damage ischemia (a lack of blood supply to heart muscles) causes. Also, it protects your heart against damage.

Our Final Take on Black Garlic

Can you afford to keep excluding black garlic from your diet? Fortunately, it’s not too late to start including it in your diet. So, stop shortchanging yourself and start eating aged garlic today!

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