Dressed Up As Love: A Clarion Call to Broken Women Everywhere – You’re Unstoppable.

Lolo Stubbs’ ‘Dressed Up As Love’ fuses elements of real-life experiences for women everywhere with fiction. Lolo has drawn inspiration from some of her own life experiences and those of other women close to her, to produce a cocktail of emotions any reader will be able to relate to their own existence.

Following the struggles of a young woman whose past has been torn apart by abuse, the novel reaches deep into the wells of humanity to discover that the only true and dependent love is the love that is reserved for one’s self. One critic wrote, “A chain of events that no one could have predicted, nobody can dictate what happens when it comes to love. You’ll be sad to reach the final page.”

There isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t grappled with abuse of some sort. From gender inequality at work to the constant, reprehensible physical or mental abuse inflicted by a partner – it’s no wonder the women of today’s world have fostered a boundless streak of strength and courage.

British PR guru and author Lolo Stubbs has her own experiences to share. In her gripping and celebrated new novel, ‘Dressed Up As Love’.

Stubbs fuses those experiences with those of other women in her life and shakes it all up with the magic of fiction to produce a novel that will empower any woman to leave a toxic relationship and foster the self-love and joy they so innately deserve.

Dressed up as love - Author - Lolo Stbbs - book cover
Dressed up as love – Author – Lolo Stubbs

Tortured by her thoughts, tormented by mind games and harbouring a painful secret, has left Melissa Morgan a mere shadow of her former self. While battling to break free from the shackles of one relationship, she is morally torn whether to succumb to the seductive draw of another. Filled with passionate trysts, fear, romance, lies, and unearthed secrets, this compelling tale of self-discovery will leave you filled with anticipation at every turn.

“Melissa represents every woman in the world who has been torn apart by abuse, and developed a destructive streak as she struggles to pick the pieces in her life back up,” explains the author, owner of a successful PR company. “But, these women need to know that they have devastating firepower to recover, learn to love themselves again and break free of abuse as they walk into a new life of joy, abundance and prosperity. This book fictionalises that transition, and I hope it inspires women everywhere.”

Continuing, “I consulted with many of the women in my life about their own adversity, so I could craft something that closely mimics the collective experiences of women everywhere. Initial feedback has been extremely positive, and I’m so thrilled women around the world can rally together over my work to achieve a tomorrow where positivity is the over-riding emotion – not pain.”

Reviews have been glowing. One reader comments, “Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I normally take time reading books but this was one I couldn’t put down! Really wanted to see what happened in Melissa’s relationship with the controlling boyfriend and whether she would pluck up the courage to leave. The fabulous debut novel by Lolo Stubbs.”

Lucy Devine adds, “Such a gripping book, I couldn’t put it down! A very emotional and thought-provoking book. I would highly recommend it!”

‘Dressed Up As Love’ is available now: ON AMAZON.
For more information, visit the official website: dressedupaslove.com.
Dressed up as love - Author - Lolo Stbbs
Dressed up as love – Author – Lolo Stubbs