Exclusive interview with Ex-Coronation Street Star and NTA Award Winner Katie McGlynn.

Katie’s role in Coronation Street has seen her on our screens every night for over six years and most recently leading the tragic storyline which sadly, saw her character, Sinead, die from cervical cancer.

The Ex-Corrie star reveals why she felt the need to push for her character, Sinead, to pass away from cervical cancer.

Speaking openly about the storyline, Katie McGlynn tells us how it felt to play the role, and maps out her journey to becoming one of 2019’s most influential soap stars.

Katie McGlynn
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You originally grew up in Rochdale, what was it like there?

“I grew up in Littleborough, where my family still live. There’s a lot of green space up there, I love nature. I’m a country girl at heart, and I don’t think that will ever change.”

How did you get involved in acting?

“I was really shy growing up, so when I was around seven or eight, my mum put me in a drama club to make friends. It was there I fell in love with acting.

“From then on, I went to several different drama clubs, and at around age 15, I had my first professional audition.”

What was your first role?

“My first regular role was in Waterloo Road, where I played the character Scout for two and a half years. The part was amazing, but she was the total opposite to me. She was a tomboy, and at 17 I was really girly – I had to cut all my hair and dye it brown!

“Shortly after leaving the show, I had the audition for Corrie. I’ve been so lucky; I’ve managed to jump from job to job throughout my career.”

When you first heard you got the part in Corrie, how did you feel?

“I was shocked. Sinead’s character was minimalistic, model-like and pretty. All the parts I’d got before were loud and brash – the complete opposite of her.

“I thought, there’s no way I’m going to get this, and I didn’t even see the point in going to the audition.

“It was originally only a small part, but then the producers asked me to sign a six-month contract, and it developed from there. I didn’t know what was coming.”

Katie McGlynn
Image credit Dom Sabine
Artistic Edits Caroline Dowse
You’ve just done one of the most amazing acting scenes ever when you found out you had to do this storyline how did you feel?

“I was over the moon. It came about when I went to the producer to have a catch-up because I felt a bit lost. My character wasn’t doing much, and I didn’t understand the point of her role in the show anymore. I told them I would leave if I didn’t get a big storyline.

“The producer then asked if I wanted to do a story on my character having cervical cancer, and I jumped at the chance.

“At first, it was unclear whether the cancer would be terminal or if Sinead would survive, but I wanted it to be terminal to raise awareness. While a lot of people do survive, a lot don’t, and often on TV shows you don’t see the true reality.

“With a platform like Coronation Street, it was an excellent opportunity to showcase the truth. We were in a great position to make a difference.

“The story never would have had the impact it had if Sinead survived.”

Did you do a lot of research on the subject?

“The show is involved with Mummy Stars, a charity which raises awareness on cancer in pregnancy. While researching, I got in touch with a lady called Alison, who found out she had breast cancer while pregnant.

“I also spoke to Pete Wollroth, the founder of the charity, who lost his wife to cancer. He practically plays Daniel’s character in real life – it was heartbreaking,

“As actors, we were playing out their real lives, and it just didn’t feel right at the time. Thankfully, we’ve got to know them now, and they are happy with the storyline, so it’s been worth it.”

When you were playing Sinead how much of your own personality did we see?

“Sinead and I are very different, and I think you have to have that differentiation; otherwise, it’s not acting.

“Whilst we’re both quirky and share the same family values, I’m much more ambitious, feisty, and wild. We definitely have different dress senses, too.”

When you did the cancer scene, did it affect you emotionally?

“At the time of filming, I didn’t feel affected. The days were so hectic, and there wasn’t enough time to think about it. When I did feel sad, I just thought about why we were doing it and the people we were doing it for.

“During upsetting scenes, we’d try to have a laugh and cheer each other up in between filming. We’re all a big family at Corrie.

“It wasn’t until I left the show I realised the storyline had affected me emotionally. At this point, you’ve got to talk about it and process it in your mind – that’s when it hit me personally.”

Now you’ve left the cobbles, what’s next for you?

“I want to focus on acting. I’m hungry for it – stage, film, drama – I want to do it all. I’ve even done Pantomime this year, playing Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, it was so much fun!”

Who’s your idol?

Sarah Lancashire and Sheridan Smith. They are amazing actors I’d love to be half as good as them.”


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Image credit Dom Sabine
Artistic Edits Caroline Dowse