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Exploring the Power of Food Excellence – Kimberley Power

Kimberley’s Cuisine

Kimberley Power is a private chef for hire, implementing high-quality meals of a restaurant standard to functions, events, holiday get-togethers and a wide range of social gatherings.

As Revive Magazine discovered, Kimberley has always had a passion for food and cooking, and her business, Kimberley’s Cuisine, is the vehicle for her to live her dream.

“At seven I was already
interested in trying unusual
things to eat.”

Portrait Kimberley Power
Kimberley Power International Chef Image Credit Matthew Patterson for therivemag.co.uk
Kimberley also relishes travelling, so learning to cook for herself while doing this came naturally, plus it was a practical way of saving on the cost of meals.
“Everyone was travelling when they finished college. I ended up living in Greece for three years. It was easy to travel then, with affordable flights.”
The inspiration that helped crystallise her twin interests of travel and food was a spell as a chalet host at a French Alpine Ski resort in Courchevel.
Here, she learned to be resourceful, cooking breakfasts and three-course evening meals daily. She would find alternative ingredients when those stated on the recipes provided were not available, getting recipes from other chalet hosts to try was advantageous.
This experience, including the positive feedback (and tips) from the families holidaying at the chalet, helped Kimberley grow a network of clients, for whom she catered during summer holidays, travelling to Devon, Cornwall, France, Switzerland and many more all over Europe.
“I found myself cooking for people all the time, and meeting new people in the process.”



Inspiration, Dishes and Diets

“I like experimenting, trying something new, puddings are especially great for experimenting. I recently made an almond orange cake topped with toasted meringue. I always add a little extra to the flavour of things, just something that will make what’s on the menu taste a bit different.”

This urge to keep being inventive, and to keep developing as a chef, echoes Kimberley’s love of travel and of experiencing new places and cultures. She is perpetually in motion, travelling and tasting new things.

But what does she think of various diets and eating fads, which seem to govern so many people’s lives?

“I don’t think diets work, and you can probably do your body more harm than good with them. It’s much better to have a balanced lifestyle. Eat less but eating well, with plenty of fresh seasonal food.”

She feels there is too much reliance on convenience foods, at the expense of practical knowledge about food.

“It’s remarkable how many people have an interest in food but can’t cook, or don’t choose to cook. For me, I don’t know any different. I love food and cooking. I don’t even own a microwave.”

Aside from all this activity, Kimberley does have other interests too, as a keen musician and singer-songwriter.

“Music is important to me, and a hobby and I also used to be in a band, but it doesn’t pay the bills. I think for me, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time and that’s my business right now. When I tried to do music and cooking professionally at the same time, it didn’t work.”

Focusing on food has proved to be the right choice for Kimberley.

“The business is growing, at least doubling in bookings, which means I’m now hiring extra chefs to help out.”

Kimberley’s Cuisine caters for dinner parties, supper clubs and luxury events.

For more details, visit kimberleycuisine.co.uk,
phone 07766 942 457 or email info@kimberleyscuisine.co.uk

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