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Follow these tips and you’ll be taking selfies like a pro in no time!

Our Guide on How to Take Your Perfect Selfie

If you want to nail that ultimate selfie pose and have your perfect picture for the ‘gram, we’ve got the best advice.

1. Find your light

  • Getting that perfect image is all about the balance of light and shadows; this is where the photography expertise comes in!
  • One wise blogger puts it best: “Light is undoubtedly the best beauty product you don’t have to pay for.
  • “So get outside, get by that window or find the best light you can and make sure it’s highlighting your beauty!
  • Or cheat a little with a fantastic beautiful mobile phone light ring; many of my celeb friends use these.
  • For make-up highlighting tips read International Celebrity MUA Sean Maloney’s article for some pro advice.

2. Take your time

  • Rushing a picture is never going to be the right recipe for success.
  • Most likely, you’ll end up with rushed pictures and feel stressed instead of enjoying the moment.
  • After all, you want to look back at the image and remember the good time you were having!

3. Flash a smile

  • While mean and moody can work for some (Zoolander anyone?), we always look best with a happy, natural smile on our faces for most of us.
  • If you’re ever wondering how to get the most natural-looking selfie, then flash your smile or even laugh to show yourself at your happiest.

4. Check your background

  • There’s nothing worse than being happy with your pose, your makeup and how you look and then noticing something annoying in the background.
  • Yes, you can edit it out, but that’s just more hassle.
  • Instead, make sure you check your background before you set up your shot.
  • Look for clear, uncluttered backgrounds and, if you can, free of other people!

5. Don’t overthink it – have fun!

  • Photography should be fun, even if you’re an influencer and it’s your full-time job.
  • Worrying about angles, light and being picture-perfect can mean you have a lot on your mind.
  • Yet taking a picture should be a fun experience, so try and relax – don’t overthink it!

6. Avoid the overused clichés

  • When we think back over the years, there have been trends that have come and gone, and some of them are better forgotten.
  • Duck lips, peace signs, even the Usain Bolt Olympic winning stance… they’re all a bit ‘overdone’.
  • In your next selfie, avoid the trendy pose of the moment, and your selfie will look more timeless, which means you can look back on it for years to come.

7. Don’t worry about the numbers.

  • Often when we take a selfie, it’s to put it on the ‘gram or to share across our social media accounts.
  • When we do that, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers and look at how many likes or responses we got – but don’t let that be all you look at.
  • Numbers don’t equal validation, and remember the selfie for the memory it gave you, instead of how many likes or engagement you got from it.

So go on, strike that pose and take the perfect picture for your next selfie!

What’s stopping you? 😉 


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