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If you go down to the woods…

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But in all seriousness why do we celebrate Halloween:

What Is It, and Why Do People Celebrate It?

October 31st is around the corner, and millions across the UK and the Western world are expecting to celebrate Halloween!

But what exactly is Halloween, and why do people celebrate it? Follow me to understand more about its pagan meaning and origin.

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Halloween is a pagan celebration originating among the Celts, who lived some 2,000 years ago in the region of modern Northern France, Ireland, and the UK. These superstitious pagans celebrated Samhain, a season of remembering and “connecting with” the ghosts of the past.  

It marked a transition from the vibrant summer and harvest to the cold, grinding winter, superstitiously associated with human death. The Celts believed it “opened spiritual portals” for people to interact with their dead relatives in the spiritual world. Moreover, they believed that their dead relatives’ spirits returned to roam the earth, blurring the dividing line between the dead and the living.

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People celebrated it on May 13th until the 7th century AD, when the Roman Church adopted it. Pope Boniface IV instituted All Saints (Hallows) Day, and after a century, Pope Gregory III changed the festival to November 1st to make it “Christian.” Thus, it gained the name All Hallows’ (saints) Eve or day. Here, saints (dead Catholics) replaced Samhain and made it a “Christian holiday!”

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Newcomers carried Halloween to North America, where it has since gained heavy commercial value. For instance, it’s a leading American candy sale holiday, surpassing $2.5 billion yearly. How interesting is that!


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