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Handmade Chocolate Mousse – Robert Owen Brown

There is only one way to make chocolate mousse and that’s with your hands.

It is one of the greatest sensual experiences.

When Manchester life coach and author Thea Euryphaessa approached me to host a Sensual Eating at The Mark Addy, I happily agreed and chocolate was the delectable part of the syllabus.

In Thea’s enthusiastic words: “You could have a lot of fun with this recipe. Yeah, sure, you can stick it in Martini glasses, dust it with some icing sugar, make it all look glamorous. Alternatively, you could smear it all over someone.” Not a usual reaction to a Mark Addy dish.


  • 100g of good honey (needs to be runny and from happy, horny bees—ours was from Salford Bee Collective)
  • 300g of rich dark chocolate
  • 550ml of double cream


  1. Gently melt the chocolate in a double boiler saucepan.
  2. In a spotlessly clean bowl, whip the double cream until it forms soft peaks.
  3. Wash your hands. Drizzle the honey over the cream, then fold together the chocolate cream, and honey with your hands.

Robert Owen Brown.

Image Credit – Joby at jobycatto.com

For more inspiring recipes, you can purchase Roberts Owen Brown’s cookery book on Amazon.

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