This week TV Presenter Hayley Palmer ventures down Memory Lane and talks with John Altman, Francine Lewis and Mike Read.


Hayley Palmer TV Presenter

This is my second weekly column for The Revive Magazine. Well, there’s certainly a change in weather this week – I just got well and truly soaked in the rain!

It’s lovely to be part of this, and hope I can share the highs, the lows and funny bits. 


So what’s happened this week?





John Altman and Hayley Palmer
John Altman and Hayley Palmer on Londons Southbank.

It was wonderful to meet up with my friend John Altman who played Nasty Nick in Eastenders (to confirm – he’s really not nasty in real life at all!). It was great to catch up and not only is John a brilliant Actor, but he’s also an established Musician. I listened to his new single called ‘Hallucinating You’ from his Album ‘Never too Late To Rock n Roll’, It’s fantastic!


Comedian Francine Lewis
Comedian and Impressionist Francine Lewis

I had so much fun filming with Impressionist Francine Lewis. She said she’s been taking people off since 7 years of age.

Her impressions are So on point, she had me laughing all the way through.

I’m just glad I got away with her not doing an impression of me.

Catch Francine on ‘At Home with Hayley’ Wednesday 26th August at 7pm on SKY TV 376 / FREESAT 516 / FREEVIEW PLAY 264




Mike Read
DJ Mike read

Mike Read will be joining me on my 80’s show, and it really was a trip down Memory Lane.

Who remembers Saturday Superstore? (Saturday mornings haven’t been the same since!) and Pop Quiz?

Mike had joined me bright and breezy from his Breakfast Show. Meanwhile, I’m still working on being great in the mornings.

Catch Mike Read on the Memory Lane 80’s Show on Saturday 22nd August, 9pm on SKY TV 376/FREESAT 516 / FREEVIEW PLAY 264


Out in London
Hayley at Haymarket Hotel

I went for dinner with some friends at the Haymarket Hotel in Piccadilly this week. I was a little sceptical as trying to be as sensible as can be under the circumstances.

We ensured that we sat outside for dinner and things seemed as ‘normal’ as can be.

I’m a lot happier now I get to see my friends as I need the social interaction.



Join me next week for more celebrity updates.

Warmth and happiness, Hayley x


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