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Hayley Palmers Week In The Media – Scary Monsters at London Bridge

IMG 5178 copyThis week, scary monsters at London Bridge, an eyebrow makeover in Mayfair and the start of Christmas Shopping


London Bridge Experience

I attended the London Bridge Experience last night!

What on earth had I let myself in for!

Scary Monsters at London Bridge.

It’s been voted the UK’s scariest attraction, and it’s definitely worth a visit this Halloween!

London Bridge Experience
London Bridge Experience

I went with a group of friends, and gosh did we scream/giggle with nerves/hold on to each other and high-five when we go out of there – we had made it! We visited a new show called ‘The Sickness’ where you follow the hideous path of the insane and try to escape Dr Natas and his deranged staff!

*Big shout out to the Actors, they’re absolutely unreal!

An eyebrow makeover! 

This week I had an eyebrow makeover!

I was super nervous but were thoroughly looked after by the team at Nails & Brows, Mayfair.

Nails & Brows, Mayfair.
Nails & Brows, Mayfair.

It’s always a worry when you try something new, but Shreya, my therapist, was super lovely explaining what she was going to do and kept checking to see if I was happy and feeling comfortable!

 We don’t look after ourselves enough, and I’m really trying to take the time to work on my mindset and do lovely things for myself!

Go on… treat yourself; you deserve it!

Is it too early for Christmas Shopping?

I’m usually the most unprepared person of all time, but this year I’ve been trying to buy things when I see them! 

Maybe this is the new me?! 

Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shopping, credit Instagram

That’s it for this week. Watch out for a Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer Halloween Special on the 29th with Jo O’Meara. Music & Memories on ChannelBox, Freeview 271.

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