As we near the end of our eighth week in lockdown, we are all missing visiting the people and places that we love, and this includes trips to our favourite salon.

As most of us are finding ourselves journeying on an emotional roller-coaster while in isolation, it’s important to remember to look after yourself and your overall wellbeing.

Just as taking a trip to the salon can produce endorphins and have a positive effect on your mental health, a little at-home pampering can do the same.
So we asked the House of Evelyn for a couple of tips that you can use at home and give you the same ‘pick-up’ feeling that you get when you leave their stunning salons.
Our beauty therapist, Emilie Cunliffe, shares how you can create a mini manicure using household items to protect and nourish your hands from all of the extra hand washing that we are all doing right now.
Follow these simple steps-
1. File and shape your nails
2. Push back your cuticles with a tool or if you don’t have one, use anything with a rounded edge.
3. Soak your hands in a bowl/container with warm soapy water.
4. Make your own hand scrub by using simple ingredients that such has at home – salt and olive oil. Apply and wash off in the water.
5. Scrub your nails using a wet nail brush, or if you don’t have one, an old toothbrush will do.
6. Dry your hands thoroughly and apply your chosen colour of nail polish, add two coats of nail polish and allow to dry before each application if possible.

7. Once your nails are dry – ALWAYS finish with deeply moisturising hand cream.

Taking time out to relax in a good Bubble bath is also a great, easy way to help your body heal. Light a couple of candles and add a few drops of your favourite bubble bath. Our beauty therapist Carolyn recommends a Neroli based product, like Decleor. “Neroli is grounding & calming, so in these uncertain times, it can help ease our stress and anxieties.”


The relaxing atmosphere that accompanies a bubble bath, and the hot water all work together to help you to wind down, ease your tensions, helps your muscles to relax and stimulates your blood flow.

The most significant thing to remember during these unprecedented times is to take a little time out from homeschooling or home working and enjoy some well earned me time!

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