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Jathra: A Gastronomical Eastern Journey

Let Jathra take you on a gastronomical journey of Indian cuisine.

The word Jathra means journey, and it’s no coincidence, that’s precisely what you’re about to go on; Jathra’s Journey.

Jathra, in Handforth, combines spices and spaces to take you on a unique experience every time you visit. The team will always try to make sure that you are seated in a different area to your previous visit. Each space has a unique setting which creates an individual experience of its own. 

Owner Saj explained that Jathra is a type of Bengal folk-theatre. This influences the concept and vision for Jathra, becoming a hub of activity for the local community. They are looking to host charity nights, showcase Bollywood dance bringing life to their vibrant restaurant.

Lost in Cheshire
Lost in Cheshire

After playing our own game of musical tables (on our journey to find the perfect lighting), we settled on our third table of choice; sorry to the waiter that reset the tables that lay in our wake, it wasn’t a pretty sight. We decided that we would, in real Lost in Cheshire style, order all of our food to come out together. We like to try ‘this’, then ‘that’, then some more of ‘this’. Are you ready for our feast? 

The Feast

No Indian feast is quite complete without a few popadoms and the usual accompaniments; Mango chutney, Chopped and spiced onion, Raita and a Chilli Jam. Even though these little dishes of loveliness can be found in almost every Indian, they were delightful. In fact, we fully finished the chutney (Soz, not soz). Another absolute MUST for us are onion Bhajis. Richard isn’t one for eating rice and likes to scoop everything up onto a bhaji by hand not too sure if he’s breaking all the rules by doing this though. Either way, the bhajis were light and crisp. They held together really well (when using them as an actual spoon), and we could have easily eaten 18 of them. 

True to form, we can’t go to a restaurant and not try something new. Where’s the fun in that? We opted for the Paneer Tikka. Richard had never tasted Paneer before, and he instantly fell in love. We try to eat less meat in our household these days, and we will be using Paneer as a meat substitute in the future. The owner, Saj, tells us that Jathra uses a specific local supplier of yoghurt and cream to make their Paneer so unique. It sounded like a guarded secret, so we didn’t pry too deep. Jamie chose the Grilled Duck Biraan as a side dish. You could see it was cooked to absolute perfection, just the right amount of pink.

Jathra Feast


Jamie also pushed the boat out by ordering the Lamb Naga. Now, Jamie enjoys some spice, and a Jalfrezi is the hottest he’s ever gone. Jamie took a gamble with the lamb. A gamble that paid off tenfold! The lamb was so tender it fell apart on the plate with no effort. To his surprise, Jamie was not sweating from his eyeballs with the naga chilli either. In fact, he could taste all of the curry and its spices. A light sweat? Yes, but the plate was scraped clean nonetheless. 

Lamb Naga

Richard, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as adventurous and went for the Palak Murg Makhani (Butter Spinach Chicken). Like Popeye, Richard is a huge fan of spinach, which was already going to be a winner in his eyes. Similar to a korma, this was a rich and indulgent dish. You could feel the calories piling on with each mouthful, but no cares were given. Although the buttery, creamy sauce was so rich, Richard didn’t feel bloated at all. 

Palak Murg Makhani with Onion Bhaji and Tikka Paneer

Our Verdict

Some Indian food can leave you feeling lethargic and full of regrets. We left Jathra after eating a mountain of food; comfortably whole, and no crane lift needed this time. We can tell you something for nothing; zero regrets were given about this night as the food was outstanding and hit all the right notes perfectly.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Saj and his team. Expect us back soon! 

For booking details, please visit their website at www.jathra.co.uk

90 Wilmslow Rd, Handforth SK9 3ES

Tel No. 01625522888


Lost in Cheshire