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Julie Modla’s Journey of Discovery

Exclusive Interview with Julie Modla

A Fool’s Journey is a novel by Julie Modla, inspired by characters depicted on Tarot cards.

In this exclusive interview, Julie talks to Revive about her book, and what has inspired her to write it.

Step inside the pages, come and join the Fool on his journey.
Who is the Fool?

“I wanted to wake these fascinating characters up and bring them to life by giving them their personalities. It was exciting to see how the story would then unfold, driven by my imagination.”

Julie Modla
Julie Modla
A Journey of Self-Discovery

Tarot cards might conjure up ideas of the supernatural otherworldly, but when a skilled reader interprets the cards, they are designed to guide people in everyday life.

“In my role as a hypnotherapist and life coach, my work involves studying human emotions and feelings and helping and guiding people to find solutions in their own lives.”

Julie’s book, therefore, is a story everyone will be able to relate to.

“The essence of A Fool’s Journey is life itself and the challenges we create for ourselves or which others put in our path.”

In the book, set in the land of the Tarot, the ‘Fool’ of the title, a strong young man, innocent in outlook, starts his life’s journey, accompanied by his loyal dog. He chooses his direction and the path his life will take, and as his journey progresses, he meets different characters along the way.

Just as in real life, not everyone has the Fool’s best interests at heart, trying to lure him away from his true path with various enticements.

Who is The Fool?

“I want the reader to take from this story whatever they wish, leaving it to them to discover, interpret and put their own slant on the story and its meaning. That’s why I wrote it in a certain way, weaving the sentences and lacing them with hidden messages and drawing on metaphor and symbolism.”

In the Tarot, The Fool is generally a positive card, which indicates new beginnings.

The illustration on the card shows a man standing on the edge of a cliff, without a care in the world, preparing to set out on a fresh adventure.

“The book poses many questions, and suggests several answers, but everyone will take something different from it. It’s a journey of intrigue and fascination, a grown-up fairytale.”

Julie has recently joined a playwriting course and intends to turn A Fool’s Journey into a script for the theatre, with musical accompaniment by Michael Koropisz.

There is also an audiobook version, beautifully narrated by Howard Ellison.

Most days, Julie can be found working hard, running her salon, Divine Hair and Beauty, in Davenport, Stockport.

Julie’s favourite interest is spending time in the garden; where she loves writing. She also enjoys being out and about travelling and meeting people.

“People have fascinating stories in their own lives. They inspire me to write and to try and create something magical.”

A Fool’s Journey by Julie Modla is available in paperback through Amazon.

The music starts to fade and become a
distant sound, as do the voices as she leads him towards the welcome shelter of a tent. The very one, he is sure, he met the high priestess in many years before….

A Fool’s Journey by Julie Modla is now available to buy in paperback through Amazon and Kindle on Amazon.   >>>>>>>


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