Julie Savanth is a mother of three and grandma to two amazing grandchildren.

Julie’s career journey spans an impressive 30 years, owning and operating multiple businesses. Julie is a qualified chartered accountant and winner of numerous business awards.


Julie Savaanth
Julie Savanth founder of Kala & Mann

Julie tells us she’s always had an eye for art and a love of sculpture and a keen interest in upcycling and repurposing, as well as giving those who have a pure talent the route to market their creations.

The idea is that the next Damien Hurst et al. maybe discovered by Kala & Mann the online Art gallery and you may just have what one day will be a priceless work of art in your living room. It’s a win/win.

For the artist it gives a guaranteed commission of artwork and a platform to sell, for the buyer it provides access to the most talented up and coming sculptors at an entry price, that may prove to be the best investment they ever made, and the icing on the cake is that all the art is repurposed or upcycled, sustainable and ethical as well as being unique and beautiful.

What inspired you to set up an online art gallery?

In Europe, there seem to be galleries everywhere. In England, it feels like there are only a few, and they seem to be very specific art styles such as ultra-modern or very traditional.  If you want something truly unique and quirky, the galleries are few and far between.  During my time in business, I have visited many high-end boutique hotels and always marvelled at the unique installations and sculptures that were displayed. I think the perception in the UK is that art is only for the very rich; I want to dismiss that assumption.

You must feel very proud to own a gallery, what’s, does it feel like to be a gallerist?

I feel privileged to own a gallery; its new territory for me, but it is driven by pure passion.  The artwork I commission, I love. There is not a piece of artwork in my gallery that I wouldn’t be proud to own and display personally.

Why do you think art is worth the investment?

First and foremost, you should only invest in the artwork you love. Art is very personal, and it reflects the way an individual sees the world; it should inspire you every time you look at it, and it should cause debate. If you are lucky enough to purchase a piece from an artist that continues to grow, then your investment can be an added bonus, bring you monetary returns you will find like finding nowhere else.

What’s unique about the pieces of art showcasing on the website?

All the pieces displayed are unique one-off pieces. They are made only once. They are all upcycled or repurposed from unloved or discarded everyday objects, so are right on trend with the focus on less wastage, sustainable environment and climate change.

Do you only display one medium or a variety, is there a particular style you favour over others or is there room for more variations?

We display only sculpture, in our opinion. It is better to be an expert in one medium and deliver the best that is available in the emerging art world. We went for upcycled and repurposed only, as we believe people want to be proud to own a piece of art that is ethical in every sense of the word.

Would you consider opening an art gallery in the future?

I think there is definitely plenty of scope to open a gallery; it would have to be quirky and unique to fit with our profile. Somewhere that would be fun to visit, stimulated healthy conversation and to give people inspiration.

Can clients commission pieces of art from a particular artist?

Yes, all artists are willing to take specific commissions.

Why should an artist use a gallery to showcase their work?

All our artists are up and coming. Some are award winners, and some have had their art showcased in traditional galleries worldwide, however displaying on an online gallery gives them a profile, not unlike a very talented singer entering a TV completion. Artists need exposure.

Do you think social media adds value to an artists profile?

I think social media, when used correctly, can make people aware that the art is out there, you CAN purchase unique works of art, and it CAN be affordable.

Who’s your favourite artist at the moment and why?

My artist of the moment is Ta Thimkoeo; she is very unique. I believe she will be one of the great contemporary artists of the future. Unfortunately, she is a painter, not a sculpture, but you never know she may swap medium one day…

When looking for inspiration who do you turn to and why?

I find inspiration in the road less followed, the unusual, the off the wall ideas that can be seen in mundane utensils, office equipment or even discarded building materials.

Who’s your favourite artist?

I love Antony Gormley (creator of The Angel of the North) I especially love his rustic repurposing of industrial items into human forms.

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