Carl was born and raised in Tameside, Greater Manchester in the late 60s to Joan and Kevin Derrig.


My dad was a schizophrenic coal-man making life very uncomfortable, I grew up having to manage my father’s bizarre behaviour. This is when I started to show an interest in art at an early age. It was a way to escape the stresses of home life, which led me to become a self-taught artist in my later years.

Artist - Carl Derrig
Artist – Carl Derrig

It wasn’t until later on in life that I was drawn back to creating art while working as a Link Worker in Saddleworth. Its beauty attracted me, and this is when I bought some cheap paints and created my first small painting in my lunch break, since that day I have never looked back, and it’s led me to where I am today.

What materials do you like to use?
I like to use a variety of materials, sometimes sand, in my work; it can add grittiness and atmosphere to a painting, I use a variety of materials but mostly acrylic paint. I am also looking forward to working more with oils this year.
Who or what inspires you?
I find inspiration in life. If I see someone or something interesting, I paint them. I don’t have any influences as such. I like to stay away from influences as it might change the style of my work. I do love works by other artists though, e.g., Lowry and the great masters; like Rembrandt, Monet and Michaelangelo. Though I must admit I do love the surrealism of Dali, he is a genuinely enigmatic artist.
Does social media work?
I find social media a great tool in getting my work noticed by the public. Most of my clients approach me through social media after seeing my work online.
Describe your artwork?
When I paint, I want people to get to know me. Every painting introduces a different aspect of my personality, including my thoughts and interests.
I find using bold strokes in paintings makes my work more personal to me. I always try not to be influenced by other artists. I want my work to have the raw, and natural feel that people, subconsciously, enjoy.
I always try to keep my work bold and masculine because that’s who I am. Basically, my art introduces a side of me that I would never display to the public (except maybe the masculine side haha). I think my work is a combination of dream-like observation combined with fantasy and memory, depending on the subject matter.
How long does it take you to do a piece of artwork?
My paintings can take a day, a month or longer, depending on my state of mind and interest in the subject that I’m painting. Enthusiasm is a keyword.
What are your highlights to date?
I would say my highlights so far would be appearing, on Sky Arts in 2016 and handing over one of my paintings to my local museum, also agreeing to interview with a magazine finally.
What would you say is your specialised style of artwork?
The style that I most identify with is impressionism and surrealism, also some fine art at times. I try to keep my work varied and interesting.
Where would you like your work to be displayed?
I would like to show my work in Manchester again, as this is my hometown, but professionally my goal would be to get my work recognised and exhibited in one of the big galleries in London, like the National Gallery.
What’s your dream project?
Recognition for my work, but in the meantime, I’m hoping to open an art therapy centre for people with learning disabilities and mental illness. I already looked into this before the start of this pandemic, so it’s on hold at the moment. I also have two London Gallery’s interested in my work. They are just waiting for me to produce a line of work that they can view.
Is there anything about the world of art you don’t like?
I think there are too many pretentious artists out there, who could give something back to society, after all, art is not only for the rich it’s for the masses. It is excellent therapy, and the most significant thing any type of artist can possess is humility.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shown interest in my work and purchased it. I would also like to thank Caroline Dowse for giving me this opportunity to feature in Revive magazine.
You can view, commission and purchase my work on Facebook, Carl Derrig Art or email
I am currently working on a webpage because I feel it’s far more professional to have one. Most of my work recommendations come from word of mouth and Social media.

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