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Get Ready for the Manchester Fashionistas CIC Digital Fashion Show 2023!

Manchester Fashionistas CIC Hosts Ethical and Sustainable Runway Show and Digital Fashion Show from Ego_motion Designer.

Manchester, United Kingdom – Manchester Fashionistas CIC is proud to announce its upcoming fashion event, Manchester Fashion, on the 16th of April 2023 at 3 pm at the People’s History Museum.

The event will feature an Ethical and Sustainable Runway Show, showcasing the latest fashion trends from talented designers in Greater Manchester.

In addition, for the first time in Manchester, the event will feature a digital fashion show from Ego_motion designer.

The event aims to boost local artists from Greater Manchester while promoting
ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

It also seeks to raise funds to organise free sustainable workshops for aspiring designers in the community.

Manchester Fashionistas CIC believes in the power of fashion to create positive change in the world, and this event is a testament to that belief.

The Ethical and Sustainable Runway Show will feature designs from some of the
most talented designers in Greater Manchester, who have embraced ethical and
sustainable practices in their work.

Attendees will get a glimpse of the latest trends in eco-fashion and how it can positively impact the environment and society.

The digital fashion show from Ego_motion designer promises to be a unique and
exciting addition to the event. Ego_motion is known for its innovative use of
technology in fashion, and attendees can expect to see cutting-edge designs that
push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital fashion.

“We are thrilled to host this event and showcase the best of ethical and sustainable
fashion from our local artists. We also look forward to the digital fashion show from
Ego_motion designer, which will be a first for Manchester,” said a spokesperson for
Manchester Fashionistas CIC.

Tickets for Manchester Fashion are available for purchase on the Eventbrite website.
The event promises to be a celebration of fashion, creativity, and sustainability.

Join us on the 16th of April 2023 at 3 pm at the People’s History Museum for an
unforgettable experience.

For more information, please contact:
Name: Manchester Fashionistas CIC
Email: mcrfashionistasuk@gmail.com
Website: mcrfashionistas.co.uk

Manchester Fashionistas CIC Logo
Manchester Fashionistas CIC Logo

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