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Many of you have heard of Sicily, but few of you have been.

Fortunately, I was invited to stay at the five-star Adler Spa Resort in Sicilia at the beginning of the year. This venue only opened their doors two years ago, but Adler has long-standing been one of Italy’s most famous, reputable and sought-after hotels.

I wanted in on a slice of the action, and as a lover of the finer things in life – this resort delivered just that.

I have been to Italy many times, but never ventured to soulful Sicily despite it being on my bucket list for several years.

I was excited and intrigued as to what lay ahead on my stay at Adler Spa Resort in Sicily, but their five-star rating led me to believe I was in for a treat.

The resort is just under a two-hour drive from Palermo Airport and is located on the sandy coast of the Agrigento province.

Luckily, a black S-Class Mercedes-Benz with tinted windows greeted me at arrivals and soon set the tone for things to come. 

I instantly felt like Sophia Loren as I slid into the leather seats before being whisked off into the night by my very own chauffeur. 

IMG 4412
Adler’s spacious rooms

As I entered the resort I was struck by the sheer stillness and serenity of it all, and noted how it would make the perfect getaway for fast-paced career individuals, seeking to destress and hit the reset button.

Moreover, it was February when I checked-in, but with temperatures floating around 17degrees, this was the ‘winter sun’ I’d been dreaming of from dreary London.

What’s more, Adler Resort in Sicily just opened their doors in July 2022, meaning the vicinity is in pristine condition, and that included my light and spacious room, which boasted breathtaking views of the vast Mediterranean Sea.

I’ll never forget sliding open the glass door, and the salty ocean air, hitting me. It was a sobering reminder that I was worlds away from polluted Putney, and my lungs would thank me for it later.

To my delight, a pair of slippers, and a fluffy robe awaited me in the open-plan bathroom, which quickly became my staple pieces for the duration of my stay.

Shamefully, I’m not normally a morning person, but on this occasion, breakfast was easily my favourite part of the day.

Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia - Breakfast
Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia – fine dining

I would purposely leave my phone in my room as I made my way to the resort’s lavish restaurant. There, I would people-watch the super-chic guests and soak up the gorgeous sights Sicily had to offer from the dining area’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia
Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

My first pitstop was always a cheery, “Ciao,” with the dishy Italian chef, who would whip me up an omelette, and I can honestly still taste it now. I’d then sashay over to the fresh fruit, juice and pastry counters, where the array of mouth-watering food would dance across my tongue.

As for the day ahead, I would happily lounge around the stylish resort and avail of their impressive facilities, which included a deluxe spa, heated and thermal pools, PANORAMA saunas, a scented steam bath, a state-of-the-art gym, fitness and yoga programmes, private access to the beach and electric bikes.

Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia
Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

One of the highlights for me, however, was the ‘Aufguss’ which I have since learnt is the German word for ‘infusion’.

During these 10minute multi-sensory rituals, temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees, all whilst a member of staff tirelessly waved a towel in my face.

Julie Trainor - Journalist

I recall beads of sweat trickling down my face and body as I nervously eyed the exit door, but I cannot stress how invigorated I felt afterwards, and to my surprise, I was instantly hooked.

To add, my face glowed so brightly post-Aufguss, I looked as though I’d just been treated to a top-of-the-range facial… (also available at the resort)

Along with removing body toxins and strengthening my immune system, the benefits to ‘Aufguss’ were endless.

However, those of you hoping to step outside the heavenly Adler premises, and immerse yourself in authentic Sicilian life, I highly suggest an outing to the ancient Greek ruins, Valle dei Templi.

This extraordinary tourist attraction in Agrigento is only a 40minute drive from Adler’s resort, and it was a sight to behold. 

I remember looking in awe at the historic landmarks, which are still standing after Greek’s invasion on Sicily thousands of years prior.

Moreover, I was grateful I’d peeled myself off the chaise lounge at the resort earlier that day, because this cultural excursion has stayed with me ever since.

Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia
Five-star Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

Naturally, in true Sicilian style, dinner is a huge family affair, and most of the ingredients in the resort’s restaurant are organic and locally grown, with a buffet and/or order from the menu option available.

Along with traditional pasta dishes, there were also red juicy prawns, delicate oysters, various types of meat, and a spectacular swordfish display to choose from. 

Of course, this was made all the sweeter with Italy’s signature Aperol Spritz as my trusty appetizer.

So, if it’s a tranquil break in the heart of Sicily, you’re after, with rest, relaxation and first-class service on tap – Adler Spa is the resort you’ve been waiting for.

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

Contrada Salsa, 92010 Siculiana AG, Italy

T: +39 0922 145 7000 

E: info@adler-sicilia.com

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