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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Are You Generous to a Fault? by Susan Leigh

Some people are exceptionally generous. It may be because they’re in a good position, with plenty of money, time, expertise or skills and they feel it’s only right that they share with those who would benefit from some help.

Do You Compete Against Yourself?

Do You Compete Against Yourself?  When someone is being competitive, they’re often regarded as having...

Hayley Palmer TV Exclusive – with the fabulous Jersey Boys and Nathan James, from Inglorious

So, this Saturday, I am joined by the fabulous Jersey Boys, followed by Nathan...

Much Ado About Everything by Susan Leigh

Much Ado About Everything  Have you ever noticed how people who are stressed and low of mood often feel that everyone is against them; they may see their neighbours as selfish and unfriendly, their family...

Enjoy an easy, healthy weeknight meal with this oven-roasted salmon recipe | Paul Watters

Oven-roasted salmon with bursted tomatoes on the vine with thyme, buttered baby scallops, chilli tomato pesto linguini, and a parmesan crumb, for two. This salmon recipe is deliciously sweet and the salty taste is offset...

Refresh Your Relationship with a Holiday 

Many people have high expectations of their holidays. They spend weeks, even months, hoping that everything will be blissful, idyllic. Reality can mean that things don't always go to plan as they discover that they're not as relaxed with their...

You will never eat another apple crumble again after trying this recipe!

Killinchy Co Down apple crumble with custard with picked Co down blackberries, raspberry and figs. Apple crumble with custard is always a winner in my book. But when you add in some freshly picked Co down blackberries, raspberries and figs, it...

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