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Rose & Caramel’s ultimate guide to achieving a flawless self-tan during the lockdown 

Achieving the perfect self-tan during lockdown 

Prep & Hydrate, Time to Apply and Aftercare

Industry-leading world-first tanning brand Rose & Caramel believe that we don’t tan for other people, we tan for ourselves. And achieving an allover, flawless tan at home isn’t too out of reach – you just need to follow the right steps and guidance in order to complete your perfect golden glow. 

Although we might look better with some colour, it’s how their customers feel on the inside that is the driving force behind the brand. They’ve been covering people in confidence since 2010, and now they’re sharing their go-to guide to achieving a flawless at-home tan for all of the lockdown babes who still need some colour in their lives.

Since the UK lockdown was announced, Rose & Caramel have been inundated with messages asking for tips and tricks for the best self-tanning results – and whether you’re using Rose & Caramel products or not, this tanning guide is all you need to help find your inner confidence and achieve an allover airbrushed look at home.



Achieving an allover flawless look with self-tan is all about the preparation. Prepped skin equals guaranteed flawless results, every time – and just like an artist needs a blank canvas to create a masterpiece, the best results for self-tanning start with the clearest of skin.

  • Body hair is not your friend  It’s super important to shave or wax 24 hours before tanning – giving the skin chance to recover from any abrasion and ensuring you have an ultra-smooth surface for when it comes to applying
  • Don’t even think about tanning on top of old tan  Your skin should be completely free from self-tan and removing your old tan first is vital – our tan remover range Purity includes the world’s first tan removing bubble bath and shower gel, or foam. make sure you use an exfoliating mitt, and within minutes your skin will be fresh and completely tan free
  • No makeup, deodorant or perfume/aftershave – Keeping your skin completely product free prior to applying self-tan is essential as anything extra on the skin can affect the tans formula and how it develops
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! – Hydrated skin is happy skin, which is why it’s also super important to ensure the skin is moisturised – our Prep & Protect Hydration Mist ensures all over even results (pay extra special attention to dry areas such as the hands, feet, knees and elbows)


  • Circular motions – Using a deluxe tanning mitt, pump on a generous amount of your chosen tanning mousse and sweep across the body in circular motions ensuring all areas are covered evenly
  • Mitt magic – When it comes to an even tan, the dry side of the mitt is paramount – take extra special care around hands, feet, wrists and knuckles, buffing them thoroughly with the dry side of your mitt
  • Darker shades – For a darker tan, apply a second layer following the same application method, once your first lay in touch dry
  • Duo tanning  Take your tan to the next level with duo tanning. This extra layer of a clear, aerosol tan helps to seal in the colour, deepen your tans development and give an allover airbrush effect – lightly mist the aerosol over your tan, ensuring you elevate arms and legs to avoid overspray landing on them and mist over hands and feet lightly and from a distance, slightly clawing your fingers

Our award-winning Nudity mist is ideal for duo tanning, it gives all skin tones a healthy glow, doesn’t block pores and is also perfect for facial tanning.


  • Dry to touch – When you’ve finished applying your products to the skin, check that it is dry to touch before wearing loose-fitting clothing while your tan settles into the skin – avoiding any tight fitting footwear and do NOT get your skin wet
  • Development – Allow the tan to develop for a minimum of 8 hours, or overnight – then wash off with a light rinse in the shower, patting yourself dry with a towel (no rubbing!)
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Make sure that you keep your skin hydrated for a longer-lasting tan – this will help boost the appearance of your tan on the skin
  • Top up – For active people and those who’s skin types struggle to hold tan for long periods, topping up with a clear aerosol or tanning water is the perfect way to boost in-between colour applications
  • Rise and repeat – When your tan is ready to come off ensure you use an exfoliating glove and tan remover (our bubble bath, shower gel or foam are perfect for this) to completely get rid of the old tan from your skin, ready for your next application – repeat the process as above to achieve a flawless airbrushed result, every time.


Read the inspirational Rose & Caramel’s journey to success.

Rose & Caramel is an international, award-winning tanning and beauty brand based in Greater Manchester. Their world-first products include a cream-based aerosol spray tan and tan removing bubble bath and shower gel. Stocked in the UK on PrettyLittleThing and Feel Unique – and in the US on Amazon Prime, as well as through their website roseandcaramel.co.uk. The range has become highly coveted by celebrities and influencers alike – and the brand pride themselves on only using real women in all of their campaigns.

Rose & Caramel’s award wins include Best International Breakthrough Brand, Best Bath Product, Best Self Tan and Sun Care Product and Best New Body Product at the Pure Global Beauty Awards 2019 – Best Leg Tanner at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, Best Fake Tan and Best Bath Product at the Global Beauty Awards 2019 – and they have had a ton of nominations for various awards set to take place in 2020. 

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