Karen Yates, aka Lady Showbiz, has been swirling amid the fast-moving currents of celebrity entertainment culture long enough to tell the Koi carp from the shimmering goldfish.

You might already be familiar with her webzine features, which recently highlighted Rihanna’s latest sexy lingerie campaign, and shared Global Awards 2020 highlights.

As Lady Showbiz would be the first to tell you, glamour and style are not just for the rich and famous. And this is a lady who walks her talk.

The latest must-have items from the Lady Showbiz Beauty range of lush ethical products are a selection of beautiful nail polishes.

You’ll find pastel spring colours, classic hot reds, disco glitter, anti-age nail care and more. Funk you? Don’t mind if I do.

Dizzy devil? Aren’t you just. Masterpiece? I know.

Lady Showbiz When You Believe Front scaled

Yes, the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries are synonymous with audiovisual allure and powerful messages. And Lady Showbiz is up there with a different kind of trendsetters.
The ones who understand that we belong to an interconnected society and ecosystem and that our conscious participation makes a difference.
She donates 20% of net profits to charities, insists on 100% ethical beauty products and supports her local Bolton Hospice. What else would this inspiring and talented ladylike to share with us today?
Lady Showbiz, thank you for joining us to answer a few questions…
Was there a specific incident or moment that made you focus on your passion for inspiring and empowering women?
As a successful businesswoman, I believe it’s our duty to support and encourage other women and in particular, the younger generation to embrace themselves and invest in their personal development – so that they can achieve whatever they set their mind too.
I am proud to share with you that I have just become a Guardian for Backup, an amazing charity who support 16-25-year-olds to lead an independent life.
lady showbiz leigh francis
Lady-Showbiz-Chef - Michael-Caines
Lady-Showbiz-Chef – Michael-Caines

As a motivational speaker, what is the most moving thing that has ever happened to you during or after an event?

I remember giving a motivational speech and providing training to a group of disadvantaged people.
A young woman attended with her guide dog; she wanted to apply for a position and had no confidence at all. Her confidence blossomed throughout the afternoon.
A few weeks later she called me to say that she got the job.
Do you have a persona motto or favourite quote that sees you through the tough times?
‘Keep smiling, keep surviving’ – one day the bad times will pass.
What are your top three tips for essential nail care?
Give your nails a detox – cut back on gel and acrylic manicures. Use a 3 in 1 base coat, strengthener, topcoat. Take care of your cuticles, they can be super delicate, and they are an essential part of caring for your nails.
Which beauty product would you most like to launch next and why?
We are launching a lip gloss line to compliment our nail polish -with maximised shine, and it will be fun to wear and easy to apply.
If you were organising a benefit concert, who would your dream-team headlining acts be?
Stereophonics, Camila Cabella, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Little Mix, Bruno Mars
And a topical question, if we may. Would you like to share an insight from your personal experience of the lockdown?
I am lucky that I have not had too much disruption and thankful that I have not had to do any homeschooling.
However, I am mindful that the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of the lockdown, have left many people isolated, my parents and Mother-In-Law included, as they are shielding and have been doing for months.
If anything, I realise that we should never take anything or anyone for granted and like many others, I am looking forward to the ‘new normal’ and what this will bring.

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