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This Week get your scream on with Hayley Palmer and more…

Hayley Palmer
Hayley Palmer

This week it’s movies and restaurants with Scream VI, Sushi and Samba, plus steak at Gaucho.




Scream VI is a blast.

I was very lucky to go to the press screening of Scream 6. Now I’m not usually into scary films; not typically my thing, but I thought I would give it a go.

Scream VI
Scream VI

Witch and Famous organised the event, she’s absolutely brilliant, a really good find of mine, and organises the best events.

It was held at The View at Westfield, where we were treated to some drinks and bowling first, which was lovely. It was great to see everyone there; it was such a great atmosphere.

Then we went to see the film at the cinema. I don’t want to give too much away, so don’t worry. No spoiler alert is needed.

Courtney Cox stars in her 6TH Scream Movie, a role she has said she would play for free as she has so much fun. Hayden Panettiere retunes as Kirby reed for her first movie for 12 years. As a tribute to the original series director Wes Craven, the film is full of horror easter eggs in many of the scenes; see how many you can spot.

The film has a great opening, a bunch of clever but scary death scenes, as I’m told are traditional in the Scream franchise and a big finale. And for a horror film, it’s well shot and looks fab on the big screen.

Overall I think it might have converted me because I used to only like Disney films and Romcoms, but maybe I could get into this; it wasn’t as scary as I thought.  I may even watch some of the previous Screams as well.

There you are, I’m a transformed character, and I would thoroughly recommend going to see this film.

Larissa at Gaucho
Larissa at Gaucho

‘Let’s Gaucho’ 

I’ve heard so much about ‘Gaucho’ restaurants recently, so it was a real pleasure to visit ‘Gaucho Broadgate’ last week.

Situated just a few steps away from Liverpool Street station London, Gaucho is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner in a fab location in the city. The modern glass building is so striking on ground level, and there is an air of exclusivity as you walk down the stairs to the main restaurant, which is kitted out beautifully with stylish and luxurious decor.

We chose our meals from a lunch set menu.

For starters, we had the Provoletta Croquette and the Argentine Locro. Both were so tasty.

Then it was onto the main attraction; we ordered the Churrasco Cuadril steak and Pasta Alla Norma. The steak was so tender and cooked how Larissa likes it, and my pasta was also so flavoursome.

Larissa at Gaucho
Larissa at Gaucho

Of course, we had to have a dessert, and we both went for the Chocolate Volcano with pistachio ice cream. For drinks, we went for a peach mocktail.

The whole meal was so amazing, and the service was five-star! Nothing was too much trouble, and we were looked after so well by the lovely Rosie! Thank you for having us, and a special thanks to Roche Pr.

This was the perfect pre-theatre meal as we headed off to see ‘The Bodyguard’ musical at the New Wimbledon Theatre starring the Pusscat doll, Melody Thornton.

Hayley and Larissa xx

Sushi Samba – review 

Larissa and I were in for a treat this week when we reached new heights at Sushisamba and checked out London’s hottest new party.

Larissa at Sushi Samba
Larissa at Sushi Samba

Up on the 39th floor of the Heron Tower, you’ll find ‘Sushisamba’ London.

Taking a ride in the glass lift to get to the restaurant and looking out at the bright lights at night is just as exciting as the dining experience. Sushisamba celebrates the culture and cuisine of Japan, Brazil and Peru.

We were invited to ‘Casa de samba’, which runs every Friday and Saturday night and features dancers, live drummers/ musicians and a DJ. The atmosphere when we walked in was really relaxed, enhanced by the music and beautiful decor. We loved the big lit-up orange tree, which our table overlooked.

Now onto the food.

To start, we had the edamame, plantain chips and crispy taquitos accompanied by a Brazilian Kaffirinha cocktail. If you love a caipirinha, then this is for you.

Sushi Samba
Sushi Samba

Now onto the main attraction. We chose a selection of samba rolls, including ‘salmon and avocado’ as well as some veggie options.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the samba rolls are a good size and come in 8 pieces. Plenty to keep you fuelled up for an evening of excitement.

For dessert, we chose the ‘Zen Garden’, which was amazingly presented! A garden is exactly what you get, and it’s all edible, even the pebbles!! We would definitely recommend The banana cake.

Throughout the meal, we were entertained by the talented and high-energy samba dancers who also incorporated some impressive acrobatics right before our eyes. Percussionist Samantha Lubin and a DJ Giacomo Moras!

We really felt like we had been transported to Brazil for the night!

Well, that’s it for this week’s column, so it must be telly time. Last Saturday, we had East Enders legend John Alton on Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer, so here’s your chance to watch the show. And for a special treat we have B*Witched on the show this Saturday.

Enjoy your week.

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