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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Shaun Ryder – I’m almost Vegan and no I don’t wash my face in….

When asked to interview Shaun Ryder ahead of MaccFest in July, I was like how is he still alive! LOL only kidding.

Never the less, here I am sat in the Hungry Duck in Ramsbottom, on the phone chatting with none other than the legend himself Shaun Ryder. I only have 10mins, so I have to be quick.
You the fans asked some questions and here are your answers.


How are you still alive?
Down to good genes and not the ones you wear.
Was Bez going on Big Brother your impetus you being in Jungle?
In a way sort of, it was very good for Bez to do it, he got loads of business out of it.
I mean it wasn’t that cool to do something like that then, so I never wanted to do reality TV, but they’ve become remarkably popular now, so thought I’d give it ago.
What’s your most memorable gig?
The best gigs you can’t remember, they were that good.
Were you happy that Tony Wilson classed you as one of the greatest poets of all time?
Tony was brilliant, always loved what we did, it was great to have him behind us.
Where does “twisting my melon” come from?
I was just sat there watching a Steve McQueen documentary in the 1970s and boom, there it was.
Was your daddie really a baddie?
My dad is my dad; I love him, born in the ’40s, grew up in the ’50s and had me in the ’60s.
Are you looking forward to Maccfest?
Definitely, they’re all the better than ever. Keeps me ALIVE!

Macclesfield festival 2017

What was being on 100 Years Younger like?
Everyone was great, I’d already become almost vegan, and no I don’t wash my face in p*ss, plus yes some vegans do, look it up if you don’t believe me.
Editor Caroline Dowse, My favourite Happy Mondays Track – Hallelujah

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