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Stephen Lynn – Idols from the Manchester

After our first interview back in 2018, we caught up with International Manchester artist Stephen Lynn, to find out what he’s been up to and which new local hotspots we can locate his work.

Known for strikingly lifelike portraits illustrated in his own unique way, Stephen’s work focuses on musicians, with an emphasis on his idols from the Manchester music scene, such as Rowetta.

Stephen Lynn
Stephen Lynn – Image credit Georgina Robinson
What exciting things have happened in the last two years?

“This time last year, I moved to Manchester and occupied my own studio in Oldham which has allowed me to create more work and express myself a lot more.

“I also got my work on the cover of Twisted Wheel’s new album, which was a massive achievement for me, and I can’t wait to see it on the vinyl covers.

“I recently hosted an exhibition, too, and was the first artist to ever exhibit at Factory 51. The Hacienda has always been a huge influence on my work, so it meant a lot to me to host it there.”

Has your artwork has changed style over the years?

“I’m a lot happier these days, whereas before there was a lot of anger going into my work. Now I’m relaxed, more colours are coming out and I’m experimenting more. My apartment at the moment is full of glitter, which indicates how happy I am!

“Now, I’m also shifting focusing to illustrating females, which is new for me.”

Stephen Lynn - Image credit Sasha Ray
Stephen Lynn – Image credit Sasha Ray
Can we find your work in any Manchester hotspots?

“I have artwork in the Rose and Monkey, The Old Nags Head, the Art Gallery in Ramsbottom and also the Northern Quarter Gallery.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to be an artist?

“Just believe in yourself – if you think you can draw, you can draw.  If you think you can’t, it’s probably just because somebody said your work was awful and you believed them.

“Everything is subjective.”

Can art help those suffering from mental health issues?

“Yes, definitely. Almost 20 years after art school I didn’t produce any work, I did sales jobs. It wasn’t until my relationship broke down that I picked up a paintbrush as a way to take my mind off my problems.

“I was filling a blank space with something creative and it worked. If it worked for me, I’m sure it can work for others, too.”

Stephen Lynn - Image credit Sasha Ray
Stephen Lynn – Image credit Sasha Ray

Stephen also mentions how ecstatic he felt when a piece of artwork, (Marilyn Monroe) raised a staggering £3,500 pounds for NSPCC. Giving something back to the community and helping raise funds for charities gives me great pleasure and knowing my talent is valued to an extent that it can help those in need.


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