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Steve Whitworth – Artist – A Sense of Nostalgia

Born and raised in Middleton, Steve Whitworth local artist specialises in painting scenes and features of the local town of Rochdale that he holds so dear to him.

Steve often invokes memories through his paintings, creating artwork that represents the local history of the town and a sense of nostalgia for years gone by.

Steve Whitworth Artist
Steve Whitworth Artist

He is also fond of representing local landmarks of the town in their more modern setting, with the Parish Church of St. Leonard’s being a favoured subject.

Steve attended Rochdale College of Art, where he trained to be a Commercial Artist. Following this, he went on to work in the world of design.

Oldham Road, Middleton.
Oldham Road, Middleton. Steve Whitworth Artist

Steve draws his influences from artists such as Constable and Turner, along with the many northern artists such as Harold Riley, Percy Kelly, William Turner, Theodore Major and of course LS Lowry.

Steve’s artwork uses a variety of media and ideas, but a central theme is that of figures – quite often, you will see figures who appear to be walking through the scene.

This allows the observer to add to the experience themselves; could the figures be parents taking a casual stroll through the town at dusk?


Palace - Steve Whitworth Artist
Palace – Steve Whitworth Artist

Could the figures be their group of school friends shouting for ‘one last game’ before tea? Could the figure even be Old Cranky?

As a stark contrast to his work as a Graphic Artist, which involves technical accuracy, Steve’s artwork favours a more simplistic and less sophisticated style, offering the observer space to interpret and apply their own meaning, inspiring a personal connection between the two.


Once upon a time, The Three Sisters Langley, Middleton. Steve Whitworth Artist
Once upon a time, The Three Sisters
Langley, Middleton. Steve Whitworth Artist

He has rekindled his love of drawing and painting outdoors when Anthony Cosgrove author of Many Great Northern Art podcasts recently told him that he should ‘get out more’

Steve has his own Facebook Art page entitled Steve Whitworth Art and can also be found on Instagram.

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