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Suzy Bamgbose: What It Means to Be Miss Manchester

For Suzy Bamgbose being crowned Miss Manchester 2019 gives her the opportunity to help others.

What would you expect a beauty queen to say their role meant to them?

“In Manchester, homelessness has become a crisis, which can also be linked to mental health issues.”

As Miss Manchester, Suzy is concentrating on homelessness because she has already had plenty of experience working with young homeless people.

Suzy is also involved in supported housing for young people aged 16-19 who would otherwise be homeless.

“They may have fallen out with family, or their parents have died, or they’re asylum seekers… there are different types of people who need somewhere to live and to gain their independence.”

Suzy’s approach to winning Miss Manchester then is to put others first as part of her role.

“It’s about getting people to understand what Miss Manchester is about, and who I am in this role. I’m here to help wherever it’s needed.”

Miss Manchester Suzy Bamgbose 2019
Miss Manchester Suzy Bamgbose 2019

Taking the Plunge

When she first saw the online advertisement for entering the Miss Manchester competition, Suzy was reluctant to enter the contest, thinking it was not for her.

However, when she did then push herself to enter, she found it very different from what she had expected.

“The different rounds covered a broad range of things, including helping local communities. It was about what you can do for others. That inspired me a lot more. I felt I had a lot more to give than just what I looked like.”

Ultimately, Suzy wants to develop her career as a counsellor and is currently training to do this.

“I studied health and social care in college. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know what path to take.”

Miss Manchester Suzy Bamgbose 2019
Miss Manchester Suzy Bamgbose 2019

Support and Inspiration

Suzy credits her mother as an inspirational figure, whose attitude has rubbed off on her, helping her take the plunge and enter the competition in the first place.

“She’s always shown me you can do whatever you want, and achieve what it is you want to achieve.”

Suzy also feels that it has been down to her determination.

“No matter what advice and guidance others give you, in the end, you’re the only person who can do it.”

Being a part of the competition increased her confidence too, along with the support of the people running it, including its organiser, Cheryl Broadfoot.

“She’s a good motivator, with lots of knowledge, and her presence was also comforting and reassuring.”

Taking it to the Next Stage

There is no resting on her laurels for Suzy, with Miss England 2019 competition in Newcastle on the horizon.

“I’m preparing at the moment. There’ll be more contestants and more, very varied rounds of the competition.”

These will include bare face modelling without makeup and an eco-themed round around up-cycling outfits.

The Miss England competition is hosted by the Gainford Group, an industry leader in the hotels, leisure, healthcare and childcare sectors. The competition acts as a fundraising platform for various charities, including its primary beneficiary, the Chronicle Sunshine Fund.

Suzy’s experience winning Miss Manchester has helped prepare her for this next challenge.

“It gives you the confidence to do anything you want.”

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