The Freedom Editorial – Societal Expectations


During times spent focused on the urgent threats to our health and economy, it can be difficult to remember the true value of freedom.

As the new restrictions came in for the UK, creative agency VauHaus made a series of visuals inspired by freedom within our new boundaries.

The agency is known for its ethical practices and intelligent, forward-thinking.

Leona at Formby Beach
Photography @toriabrightside
Model – Leona @leonajadedavis
The challenges they put to societal expectations have led to a rebellious reputation, however, their COVID response proves further their intentions are centred on wellbeing and not controversy.
The group locked down in very early in March prior to government instructions while studies and information were limited, but kept in touch to produce new types of content for their supporters.
The group has kept us entertained with remote shooting, self-taped music and footage of their international projects shot in the weeks prior to lockdown.

In their latest piece The Freedom Editorial, the team were able to stick to guidelines and their own data-driven interpretation of personal safety, whilst visually demonstrating the valuable freedom that is still available, albeit restricted, to us here in England.

Juliet at Formby Beach
Photography @toriabrightside
Model – Juliet @imjuuliet
VauHaus @vauhausagency
Photography @toriabrightside
Models Leona @leonajadedavis & Juliet @imjuuliet

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