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Friday, September 29, 2023

TONY STOWELL – A Man on a Mission of Care

He’s an ex-model from Hull, and in a former life he actually turned down the chance to be the fifth member of 90s Manc boy band, Take That (his place was then occupied by some young fellow called Robbie Williams – whatever became of him?!)

Tony Stowell and Robbie Williams
Tony Stowell and Robbie Williams

Now, Tony Stowell is a man on a mission. He cares. Having recently lost his beloved mother, Antonia, he is fighting to protect our vulnerable loved ones, as they live out their twilight years. 

Tony has spent over three years campaigning for compulsory CCTV in UK care homes, but the task hasn’t been made easy, as he is up against what he refers to as ‘The System’. 

Initially, progress was slow, but Tony kept this head down, refused to give up, and things started to move. MPs and celebrities began to take notice of what Tony was trying to do, and they wanted to lend their support in any way they could. Recently, he received an invitation to Parliament, to draft an EDM (Early Day Motion), which could eventually become law. All of a sudden, a mission: impossible has become a mission: possible, if not probable. In a wonderful case of synchronicity, our hero used to make a rather comfortable living as a Tom Cruise look-a-like, but has found a higher purpose in life, and now works tirelessly to raise awareness for his cause. I asked him how much progress had he made, thus far:

Tony Stowell and Antonia Stowell
Tony Stowell and Antonia Stowell

“My campaign is now in parliament, and an EDM (Early Day Motion) has been drafted by my supporting MPs, Karl Turner MP and Emma Hardy MP. I also have support from many cross-party MPs in Parliament to date.”

And, how has his colourful previous life experience equipped him, for such an arduous task?

“Knowledge of how the media works, and my contacts who have helped me substantially in my campaign. My recognition has also assisted me.”

Tony has had his high and low points, though:

“I was recognised by Best Magazine, and received my ‘Best Heroes’ award at The Waldorf Hotel in London, amongst many celebrity guests who have shown support for my campaign.

My worst time has been the constant challenge from the ‘System’, as they tried to prevent me going forward, presenting so many different obstructions to undermine my campaign.”

What is it that has kept him going? What would he say his philosophy for life is?

“Respect your upbringing, especially when fortunate enough to have excellent parents, as I had. I aim to work hard, to get as much publicity as possible. In the future, I hope and desire my campaign to be successful, and to be known as #AntoniasLaw.”

And, what does he hope our readers will feel, hearing about the plight of our care homes?

“I hope to get support from your readers, and I encourage them to support, by all means possible, my campaign, as abuse to anybody is intolerable. There is evidence that it has gone on for years in the care industry. It is well documented in the media, and it is not just me who knows about this.”

Tony Stowell should not be underestimated:

“This has changed me as a human. You have to have guts. You have to have balls. And, you have to also not care about being rejected. Which I don’t. I’ve been knocked back so many times, you wouldn’t believe it. I won’t stop until it’s passed. I’m in Parliament, and Parliament will know I’m there.”

To help Tony’s campaign, here’s the link to his fundraiser:


Facebook campaign page: 


#supporttonystowell #AntoniasLaw

Tony Stowell and Eamonn Holmes
Tony Stowell and Eamonn Holmes

Tony is fully represented legally by Gulbenkian Andonian in London, Fadi Farhat and David Vasoodaven managing partner took my case on and won, getting my injunction overturned to go public and drafted my early day motion along with my MPs. I’m also represented by celebrity agent David Hahn.

Article – Brian Gorman

Tony Stowell and Dave Vasoodaven
Tony Stowell and Dave Vasoodaven
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