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Trends in Plastic Surgery and the ‘ZoomBoom’

Trends in Plastic Surgery

We have all been living through very unusual times, and it has been sad to see how many businesses have struggled during this lockdown.

One of the side effects of the working at home order is that we have all been spending vastly increased amounts of time on video apps and this provides plenty of time for us all to be scrutinising our appearance.

Spending patterns have altered with many people shelving their holiday plans, and instead choosing to have the much longed-for cosmetic surgery that has previously been on their to-do lists! Which has all led to an enormous increase in enquiries for plastic surgery.

I am calling it the ‘ZoomBoom’, and we are now way past the numbers we usually see in January, typically our busiest month, when everyone is considering a fresh start. Technology has helped enormously for us all to keep in touch, and it is now possible to consult with people safely.

Without having to travel a long distance as when patients are considering surgery, it is essential to them that they find a surgeon they connect with. I have many patients who say they have had 3 or 4 consultations for the same procedure but never progressed because it just didn’t feel right.

The virtual consultation allows both the surgeon and the patient to have that initial introduction to decide if they think progressing to a face to face assessment is the right thing.

Zoe Consultant
Zoe Consultant at Reflect Clinic

All patients have to be seen face to face before surgery, but at least this way, we can cover many questions, and this will make the next meeting easier for both the patient and me.

One significant improvement in technology recently, that I have been using for some time and has now come into its own even more, is 3D virtual imaging and surgical simulations.

This new technology that I have been using initially is mostly for breast enlargement.

Using a small camera attached to an iPad, I scan the patient in and then simulate different procedures, such as breast uplift, reduction and all the different shapes and sizes of implants. It is now also capable of performing facial surgery like facelift and eyelifts, but the most significant change is that it now works with just three images that can be taken at home.

So during the lockdown, there has been a massive surge in patients using the service to upload the three images of themselves, and I am then able to perform the simulations from home. It’s become so popular it was even mentioned on the Loose Women show recently where I was able to work on each panellist including Andrea McClean virtually!

Other trends in recent years have been patients wanting to experience less downtime from surgery as the world was previously moving incredibly fast.

This was the reason why I started performing a mini facelift which is for these patients who are seeing decreasing returns from non-surgical treatments but don’t want a full facelift.

The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic and takes only an hour in the chair, producing a subtle but noticeable change that is all healed in 10 days. It can be safely repeated in 2 years when it usually has worn off.

Many patients combine this with an upper eyelift which is one of my most popular procedures. I have even seen enquires from a lady in LA after a personal recommendation (thank god for virtual consulting!)

Gerard Lambe - Plastic Surgeon
Gerard Lambe – Plastic Surgeon

Similarly, for the mini face; this takes only 40 minutes or so under a local anaesthetic. Although there can be marked bruising for a short time, it settles quickly and is well hidden behind the Chanel sunglasses until I remove the stitches after seven days.

The great thing is that everyone remarks how much better the patients look, much fresher and less tired but no one can tell they have had any surgical procedure, as the results are natural and all scars well hidden.

I have also operated on a particular Cheshire housewife, which has been well publicised and who was delighted with the outcome.

However, at the other end of the surgical scale, I am seeing increased enquiries for my mummy makeover.

This is a package of procedures to return a woman to her pre-baby shape (or better!) after she has completed her family.

I see many women who have worked hard after their family is complete to get back to pre-baby shape.

Still, sometimes the tummy area looks worse as the weight comes off due to the loose skin and breasts can sometimes see enormous changes after breastfeeding that can only be fixed with an uplift and breast implants.

I often use new lightweight implants that help to prevent further sagging in years to come due to unique microspheres contained in the gel for these cases.

I have seen many women overjoyed after they recover from their surgery.

These are major surgeries, and so I practice in the “state of the art” new Spire hospital in Didsbury which has everything you would find in a major NHS hospital and more, so I know that my patients are safe and in the best hands at all times.

All of my patients now conduct thorough and extensive research into their surgeon using google and social media.

I have made use of social media in recent years to talk to my patients and to educate about specific surgeries and do Lives whereby patients can ask me in real-time, their own cosmetic surgery questions.

What I want to emphasise is the joy and passion that I have for Plastic Surgery and what it can do for people.

I have been fascinated by it since I saw a lecture back in medical school about what it could do, and to me, it seemed like miracles were being performed. I maintain that fascination and passion to this day!

If you would like to have a virtual consultation, then simply click on www.crisalix.com/en/directory/gerard-lambe and add your own three images.
If you would like to book a *free online consultation, call Jayne on 07434572794 (*during lockdown)

We really look forward to hearing from you!

Gerard Lambe
Gerard Lambe – Plastic Surgeon

Gerard Lambe

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