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Thursday, March 23, 2023

TV Presenter Hayley Palmer’s Interviews with an Atomic Kitten and Others.

Hayley Palmer TV Presenter

This week, The Wilde Bunch, an Atomic Kitten, saltwater and a Smash Hits cover star.

The Wilde Bunch
The Wilde clan, Marty, Kim and Roxy

A Wilde Time

I had the most lovely day spent with the Wildes – Kim, Marty and Roxy. Lots of tea and cake (yummy) and had a really lovely chat.

You’ll see this Saturday on Sky 376/Freesat 516/Freeview Play 264 this Saturday night.

Marty has a new album called ‘Running together’ which will be released on the 2nd October.

Lovely Liz

You’ll see my special guest Liz McClarnon on this week’s ‘At Home with Hayley’. She’s super lovely, and you’ll love her song choices.

I’ve also added to the Show ‘Whole again’ ‘Right now’ & ‘Eternal Flame’ – still such feel-good tunes!

Liz McClarnon
Atomic Kittens Liz McClarnon

Tune in this Wednesday on Sky 376/Freesat 516/Freeview Play 264.

Kick Starting The Day 

Lifes a beach
Lifes a beach

I’ve really got addicted to swimming in the sea! Call me crazy, but it kick starts your day in the right way!

When I’m in my hometown, this is my new regime with a couple of other lovely ladies. Feel free to come and join the fun! (before it gets REALLY cold!).

A Smash Hit

Smash Hits!

It was wonderful to catch up with my friend Kavana!

Who remembers Smash Hits?! (I used to save up my 80p for a copy).

He’s been telling me he’s writing a book called ‘Smashed hit’ (like it).

Kavana will be coming on my Show very shortly…

Watch this space.

The latest episode of At Home With Hayley, Sabrina Washington from Miss-Teeq

Join me next week for more celebrity updates.
Warmth and happiness, Hayley x
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