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Wedding Styles that WOW! Without Outshining the Bride!

Wedding Styles that WOW!
Without Outshining the Bride!

The big day is drawing near, and since you’ve discovered the perfect dress and signature accessories, it’s time to pick a hairstyle that will complete the look.

You’d never want to out-do the bride, but with these simple yet chic looks from the hair specialists at Rush Hair Manchester, you can still look beautiful as you celebrate their special day.

Re-fashioned plait 

For a traditional yet on-trend style, why not explore with this take on a popular classic?

To create this beautiful and elegant look start by backcombing your hair and tuck it around behind your ears.

Make sure to comb gently, but not neatly, as this style requires a slightly messy appearance.

Next, take two sections of hair and tie them into a knot by tucking one strand under the other.

Then carry on adding more hair to your plait and repeat the knotting process each time until it’s all been used.

Tie to secure in place using a clear hairband and gently tug at the knots to widen the plait.

For a little extra flair, pull out a few strands at the front of your hair so that they frame your face.

Bridal plait min

Soft Waves  

Curls and waves are a timeless style that suits any look, so if you want to bring classic Hollywood glamour to your outfit, begin by blow drying your hair to achieve some extra volume.

Decide how you want your hair to fall (central or to the side), part your hair accordingly, and then continue to blow-dry the rest of your hair.

With a large barrel tong or wand start to roll the hair around vertically, hold it for 20 seconds before releasing and letting it fall.

Continue this procedure until you reach the top sections of the hair.

When you reach this point, only roll the hair halfway up. At the front of the hair, you will need to roll a bit higher, close to the root as you move closer to your parting.

Once completed, use a large paddle brush and carefully comb through the waves. Russel the hair with your fingers for extra texture, and set with L’Oreal fixing mist setting spray.

Bridal waves min

The Glamorous Ponytail 

With this glamorous take on the basic ponytail, you will be ready for the dance-floor, understated and stunning for the party, even if it is on a warm summer’s day.

Begin by backcombing your hair softly to create volume at the crown. Using a paddle brush, comb back gently but not neatly and fasten the lengths of the hair at the top of the neck with a hairband.

Take small strands of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the hairband, using a hairpin secure in place. Pull at a few hair strands on either side at the front of the face, so they delicately hang loosely.

Bridal pony min

For a final touch, add some signature jewellery or flowery slides that that will match your dress to pull off the entire look.

Whether it’s revamping your day-to-day look, or need a glamorous style for that special occasion, our professional stylists at Rush Hair Manchester can help.

Visit www.rush.co.uk/salons/manchester or call 01612417618 to book your appointment.

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