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When the Time is Right by Susan Leigh

Many of us intuitively know when the time is right to take the next step and move forward.

It may be to make a momentous, life-changing decision, perhaps to leave a relationship, move home or walk away from a job to set up our own business.

A decision like this requires a lot of initial homework, as we take weeks or even months to consider, reflect and prepare, but the actual taking of that step can appear to happen in a flash, once the time is right and we feel that everything’s in place, that we’re ready.

Over the years, on the journey to becoming an adult, we will have gradually honed our instincts, learned to trust our gut, all through a miscellany of experiences, life’s knocks and the lessons learned when things went both wrong and right.

Throughout our life, we may have experienced major upheaval, drama and distress, some of which may have been as a consequence of our own actions and so, of our own making. But equally, an unwanted situation may have been forced upon us and be something that was unanticipated. We’ve had to work through the resultant cycle of emotions; the hurt, anger, grief and perhaps even bitterness or desire for revenge that’s been triggered, until we’ve made peace with it all. Only then did healing and moving forward become possible.

When Someone New Comes Along! By Susan Leigh

Is it all down to instinct though? The time has to be right, but needs to include being ready to move forward and feel both strong and resilient enough to cope, even if it’s just to deal with the newness of a situation as we leave our familiar comfort zone behind.

Feeling ready can occur because we’ve done sufficient preparation. We’ve investigated, trained and actioned all the relevant and required elements involved in making the time right to move forward. How much of our motivation is down to our emotional state, the way we feel, too? On a ‘good day’ we may not even notice any negatives or hear objections and criticism, things that on a ‘bad day’ might completely dissolve our energy, will and enthusiasm.

Once key elements, like healing, training, being in the right mindset, are ticked off the list there’s often a feeling of positive readiness, a sense that everything’s finally come together. But even then there may be an underlying feeling of foreboding and hesitancy about taking that next step.

Sometimes feeling uncertain may simply require allowing time to sit in the moment and appreciate what’s lead you to this point, to reflect on all you’ve done to date, the decisions taken. Savour those feelings and learn to understand them as you consider your next steps. Look forward to being in control of your future, but know too, that not everything has to be done immediately. It’s okay to move at your own pace.

Oftentimes all that’s required may be a subtle shift of perspective, enough to realise that you’re ready and now’s the time. There may be no discernible difference to any of the facts, just a different way of thinking or feeling about things, and your gut telling you that things will work out fine, just as they’re meant to. Then, you can feel good about starting now!

Bad times too can sometimes push us into feeling that we’ve had enough and the time is right to walk away and start anew. An unappreciative or unsatisfying work environment, a difficult commute, a miserable home or social life can eventually reach a ‘final straw’ point and prompt us to decide that it’s time to move on, even if we’re apprehensive or cautious about doing so.

Any day, life can deliver a defining, ‘the time is right’ moment. The time when we suddenly commit to changing an aspect of our lives, to becoming more career focussed, more assertive, to travel, to feel we’re ready to lose weight, to have a better life. There may be no apparent difference between those days, just a realisation that we’re ready with an upbeat attitude and the willingness, the determination to take the steps and do what’s required.

When the time is right we may not even register any obstacles in our path. And, even if we do, we may simply shrug them off, knowing that we’re resourceful, tenacious and sufficiently adept to be able to deal with them. We’re in the zone, forward focussed and able to look beyond any impediments or risks that may crop up. Self-confidence, resilience, tenacity and a positive mental attitude ensure that we’re able to ‘go the course’ and stick with our ‘big picture’, all ways that reinforce our certainty that the time is right.

Susan Leigh, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist  lifestyletherapy.net 




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