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Who am I? Steven Evans – Mancunian Artist

Born in March 1974, 1 of 5 children born to Ann and Dave Evans from Stretford, Manchester, from an average hard-working Mancunian family, where money was tight, but we never went without.

I was growing up in Stretford with four sisters, who from an early age all showed artistic promise of one kind or another.

This was all down to my mam, Ann, who is such a creative person. We would always see her drawing, crocheting, baking or sewing while we were growing up.

She would do anything and everything that she could do to keep us all entertained.

I would sit opposite my mam, fascinated and in awe of how talented she was in everything that she did. She was and still is my greatest influence.

Steven Evans
Steven Evans – Artist

My mam would always encourage us to try and do whatever she was doing, and she had the patience needed to let us explore and enjoy it, rather than it being a chore to be endured by us.

Academically at school, I never did very well except for the art, which was always my passion. Every opportunity that I had, I had a pencil in my hand ready to draw, and my bedroom wall was always covered in the artwork of one kind or another. Be it painted straight onto the wall or on paper.

When I left school, I managed to get a place at a YTS college in Manchester City Centre to develop my skills as an artist. Learning different techniques and mediums and then sharing these newfound skills with my family.

After leaving college, I found work as a Graphic designer. Designing brochures and adverts for different businesses but those roles never lasted long as they never fulfilled my creative needs. They were jobs, not passions and so my interest waned pretty quickly as I had nothing to get my teeth into.

Steven Evans
Steven Evans

Eventually, though life takes over from passion and I found myself married with children which put my artistic ambitions onto the backburner as my time was taken up with starting my own family. My wife at the time had her own business, so it made sense for me to become a house husband, which allowed me the chance to bring my kids up and also time to begin concentrating on my artwork once more.

I remember one afternoon walking around Manchester with my youngest child and was overcome by the artwork in and around Affleck’s Palace. It blew my mind and inspired me so much, so I went straight round to my local building merchants, bought a piece of plywood, some regular ceramic tiles and started smashing them up, designing and making my own spin on mosaic art.

I started creating bespoke mosaics of famous iconic Mancunian footballers and music stars. This led to some minor success producing bespoke mosaic pieces for some local sporting icons. However, just as my artwork was taking off, life decided to throw me a curveball as my marriage collapsed.

This led to some really dark times of frustration and depression. I was 40 years old with a failed marriage, no job and a garage full of mosaics and artwork that I’d poured my heart and soul into but my confidence was knocked.

Yet with the help of friends and family, I dragged myself out of the emotional hole that I’d fallen into and discovered a new passion working in the drinks industry of all places as Brand Ambassador at Manchester Airport.

I loved the role and in a way producing a painting or a mosaic was similar to describing the tastes and complexities of a Single Malt Whisky to a customer.

I still had to paint a picture, this time in their heads though and with their own taste buds but as always, there was always a niggling doubt in my head that I should be doing my own artwork and not just working for someone else.

So last year I took the plunge, and with my brother in law, we began our own artwork business producing one-off bespoke commissions for Corporate clients. It’s early day’s yet, but things are picking up steadily as word spreads, and for the very first time in my life I feel that I have found a true place.

As my career and passion have aligned, and I feel that this is where I should be. My passion is my artwork. It has never left me, and it is a gift given to me all those years ago by my mam. I’ve always got a notebook and a pencil with me as you never know when inspiration takes hold of you either morning, noon or night.

If I had my way, I would love to eat, sleep and breathe art as I’m continually looking to improve my techniques and finding new ways of creating different exciting pieces which take peoples breath away.

This is my path, my goal in life, and it is to create something that someone else can see, touch and experience whereby immediately a connection and understanding of my idea’s are created.

Why am I an artist? Why do I do what I do? It’s simply because that’s who I am and that’s why I’m here.

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